Dallas Needs to Take Advantage of the Jazz's Chaos

The Dallas Mavericks got a huge advantage against the Utah Jazz earlier today with the trade of Deron Williams. In the news that has followed, the remaining members of the Jazz are completely stunned and shocked. Dallas MUST use this to their advantage in tonight’s matchup against Utah.

The Jazz lost their best player, that’s no question. Williams was bringing in 22 points and a little less than 10 assists a night for Utah. Next to Steve Nash, I’d probably argue that Williams was the best point guard in the Western Conference.

There’s no way Devin Harris can replace or replicate Williams on this short notice. Likewise, there’s no way Utah will have no time to adapt to the new team chemistry. Dallas should literally dance their way to a win.

But- I’ve said before that Dallas needs to tweak its defense. This is the night to do it!

A team with a new head coach, and literally a new lineup, is coming into the American Airlines Center. The new players will have jetlag and they won’t be savvy to their new offense. Raja Bell and Andrei Kirilenko are injured. The team now lacks a major superstar and won’t give Dallas any trouble tonight.

Thus, it’s time to slow down the game and force Utah to move the ball around. Make Tyson Chandler play the role of defensive big man tonight. Give JJ Barea and Roddy Beaubois experience in defending by putting them on backups that are going to be shoved into the spotlight.

Dallas won’t need 100+ to win tonight, but they will need a solid defense in the very near future. Dallas can season its defense immediately if they take advantage of the Jazz’s chaos.

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