Who Matches Up Better With Mavericks? Heat or Bulls?

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Better Matchup for Mavs in the NBA Finals….?

Miami Heat or Chicago Bulls? Who would the Mavericks rather meet in the NBA Finals? The “Big Three” or the team with the best regular season record? For me I think the answer is pretty obvious. I don’t think that there is a team in the NBA right now that would like to be lining up across from the Miami Heat.

Personally, I believe that the Heat will win either Game 5 or 6 and this won’t be an issue, but for Maverick fans, be hoping that the Bulls could pull it out. I do believe that the Mavs can beat the Heat, but the road would be easier against the Bulls. This may be an interesting choice because while the Mavs were 2-0 against the Heat they were 0-2 against the Bulls.

As has been proven time and time again this postseason, the regular season does not matter.

First, why not the Heat? No pun intended, but the Heat have been the hottest team in basketball lately with the exception of the Mavericks and appear that they have found the chemistry that they lacked all season long.

Forward Chris Bosh has finally coming around and it looks more like a three-headed monster instead of 2 and a half. Bosh is averaging 18.5 points on 51% shooting to go along with 8.9 rebounds. Lebron finally looks like a closer as he has began to be clutch down the stretch over and over in the playoffs. With Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem starting to find their way, the lineup Pat Riley envisioned is finally coming together.

Matchups would probably be Kidd-Wade, Terry-Miller, Marion-James, Nowitzki-Bosh, Chandler-Haslem on paper. For how much I like the Mavericks in the frontcourt in the matchup, Wade and Lebron will give the Mavs way more issues than the combination of Durant and Westbrook has.

The question for the Heat would be who would guard Dirk Nowitzki. The 7-footer would be a tough matchup for the slower Bosh while Udonis Haslem would struggled to guard Dirk on the perimeter. Indeed, Lebron James may get the call at times to guard Dirk.

Now, why the Bulls? Although they have won the first two matchups the Bulls are still confused on whom they want to use to guard Dirk. In the first meeting this season, Dirk went off scoring 36, and in the second he was still effective but was just returning from injury. They used both Luol Deng and Taj Gibson without being to find what option they liked best.

Derrick Rose blew through the Mavs like he could do it in his sleep in the only two meetings so far this season. However, Jason Kidd is playing defense like he is 25 again, and may be able to handle the playoff atmosphere better than the inexperienced Rose. Kidd is undoubtedly steadier and less prone to turnovers.

The Bulls bench is also not one of the best with the exception of Gibson, and I believe that the Mavs are deeper and could outlast them. Also, the playoffs are more about being hot than anything and the Bulls have staggered through them thus far.

But let’s be honest…no one wants to face the Heat right now!

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  • Jim

    Mavs are greatly underrated. They swept LA and are 12-3 in the much stronger Western conference finals. They beat the Heat in the regular season and (according to your article) are streaking hotter right now. It is the big three and then a bunch of scrubs. Mavs have depth. I wouldn’t crown the Heat champs just yet. That’s what everyone did with the Lakers and the Mavs KILLED them.

  • J.D. Moore

    Minor fact-checking. The Mavs didn’t have the best regular-season record, that was the San Antonio Spurs, who went 61-21.

    Having said that, I would love to see a Chicago-Dallas finals, for all the purposes you stated, but that’s simply not going to happen. It’s going to be a souped-up rematch of the 2006 Finals, but hopefully, Dallas gets their revenge…

  • http://wix.com/applea/alexapple Alex Apple

    When saying the team with the best regular season record, Tyler was referring to the Chicago Bulls not the Mavericks