The MLS Regular Season Ends for FC Dallas With Disappointing Draw

FC Dallas entered Sunday’s game at home against Chivas USA with nothing on the line; the game was meaningless to the 2012 season after FCD was eliminated from MLS playoff contention recently.  Sunday night seemed to be a game where FCD could say farewell to their fans and help manager Chellas Hyndman make decisions on what players may or may not be back for the 2013 season.

Photo Credit: Art Cantu, Jr. – SportDFW Staff Photographer

The first 45 minutes looked like FCD had already mailed it in with very few chances and only possessing the ball for 34% of the time.  The game stayed scoreless until the 73rd minute when David Ferreira made a nice pass over the top to Jackson Goncalves, who volleyed the ball off his knee over the head of Chivas USA keeper Tim Melia to make it 1-0.  Just seven minutes later, Fabian Castillo scored a goal (80) off of another good pass from Ferreira. Castillo was very close all game to making a big play and he made this one count giving FCD what you would think is an insurmountable 2-0 lead in the 80th minute.

Photo Credit: Art Cantu, Jr. – SportDFW Staff Photographer

Chivas USA didn’t give up as second half sub Laurent Courtois beat FCD keeper Kevin Hartman in the 90th minute to make it 2-1 FC Dallas.  Still, it looked like the Hoops should come through with a win, but as it turned out the three minutes of extra time added was just enough time for Chivas to tie the match.  Courtois made a cross that was finished by Juan Aguedelo in the 93rd minute to end the game in a draw.

The draw came in front of 15,805 fans, setting a record for attendance in a season for FC Dallas.  But fans came out to see the same team they did all year, a team that continued to concede second half goals and see leads disappear.

Hyndman said, “With five minutes left I thought the game was in our hands, how quickly it turned. It’s kind of the way the season has been going for us.”

A few stops in those situations could have FCD heading to the MLS playoffs right now instead of training for the next few weeks until the season ends.


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