Cowboy Fans Are Screaming For Cole Beasley!

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As a life long Dallas Cowboys fan I have had the opportunity to interact with many other fans. On the front lines as a sports writer/analyst via email from my readers and behind the scenes in the forums and blogs on where I get numerous private messages from other fans. Of late, the most common question I get asked is: why doesn’t Jason Garrett play Cole Beasley? Good question.

Aug 15, 2012; Oxnard, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver Cole Beasley (14) catches a pass as cornerback Mario Butler (31) defends at training camp at the River Ridge Fields. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

The Dallas Cowboys acquired Cole Beasley as an undrafted free agent out of Southern Methodist University. He was a two star recruit coming out of high school as a QB. He turned down an offer from the Air Force to attend there. Upon his arrival at SMU, based on his small stature, (much like former Cowboys great Drew Pearson) they decided to convert him to the wide receiver position.

This was a wise decision, because as a quarterback he was trained to read protections. This is a huge advantage for a wide receiver because knowing how a quarterback thinks and how to find soft spots in the defense is more than half the battle. Beasleys’ athletic ability and mobility really impressed me when I watched the video of him playing quarterback. What impressed me even more was his escape ability. Beasley was a running quarterback. His senior year he Rushed for 1,184 yards and 12 TDs on 157 carries (when was the last time the Cowboys had a 1,000 yard rusher of any kind?) and passed for 1,570 yards and 12 scores. What impressed me the most is just how hard he is to tackle for a smaller player. I included a video below.



As you can see in the above video, this is one very athletic player. Too many times, scouts, general managers and coaches alike focus too much on just athletic ability. Kevin Ogletree and Dez Bryant have the prototypical size, speed and athletic ability. These are things that a coach feels he can build on, but they are lacking a few things that can’t be taught. The first being football IQ, the second being instincts and the 3rd being heart. These are the traits Cole Beasley has that they are lacking.Dez Bryant was able to get by on his athletic ability alone in college, but like Drew Pearson said, he needs to take it to the next level by learning the offense, routes and spending more time watching film. The only thing Beasley doesn’t have is what the so called experts call prototypical size.

Dec 30, 2011; Dallas, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys former player Drew Pearson watches as the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes take on the Brigham Young Cougars during the first quarter at Gerald J. Ford Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE

When Drew Pearson came to Dallas as an undrafted rookie, the other coaches wanted to axe him at final cuts because of his size, but Tom Landry saw the traits I see in Beasley and kept him around. Imagine if Landry had used the same stereotypical evaluation process that has taken over the modern NFL? Is Jason Garrett making that same mistake? I believe he is. The constant drops and routes being run wrong etc after spending a few years in the league is a strong indicator to me that Ogletree and Bryant are missing the most important trait: the mental aspect of the game. This not only affects the quarterback, but the team as a whole. How is it that so many fans that I correspond with can see this, but Jason Garrett is oblivious to it? Imagine if Bill Belechick had the same mentality with Wes Welker? I recall the Cowboys making this same mistake with Danny Amendola. My whole point is: If a player continues to make the same mistakes and is still starting every game: where is the accountability?

As a coach, my dad has two rules that never get broken.1. If you give me 100% and show me heart, you will play. You may not start, but you will see game time every week. 2. The best players will start regardless. No ones job is ever secure. The one thing I have noticed about Rob Ryan is he coaches a lot like my dad. He finds a way to use everyone in certain packages. This gives the guys a chance to develop in real game situations. Why is this so important? Just look at the fact that even with all of the injuries on defense, Ryan has had the next guy ready to step up. Can the same thing be said about Garretts’ offense? I think not because even though he kept 6 WR’s on the roster, he continually only uses Dez, Miles and Kevin. What happens if one of them gets injured and the other guys have no game experience? My point exactly.

Troy Aikman said during Sundays game that he can’t think of another player in the NFL who would still be on the field if they were having the negative impact on the team that Dez Bryant is. Kevin Ogletree was non existent in the game and even though Beasley was active, he never got a chance. This is why the Cowboys have been losing and my dad’s team has been winning. There has got to be some sort of accountability and if you can’t get it done, it has to be the next man up. Nice coaches finish last in the NFL. So do stubborn ones who like to progress stop.

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  • californy

    First of all nice article, I havent seen the video on Cole Beasley just yet, you dont have to sell him on me, I seen what he has done in his past. I only dissagree with you on a small point in this article is your assessment on Dez. I be honest I am not a Dez Bryant fan, but I cant help but notice Dez unp and down career here in Dallas. He is only 23 years old the same age as Beasley. Where Beasley got his expereince in College Dez has got that expereince in the NFL. I believe it the failure of the boys as much as it is in Dez in running the wrong pattern and the lack of Detail to his work. I be honest I was excited when the Boys got Jimmy Robinson after we lost Ray Sherman, but this change has not had the positive effect I was expecting. There are other issue going on here in Dallas beyond Robinson coaching ability. I believe what ever issue they have it starts with JG.
    Now Going back to Beasley, he is the player in the video that I have envision. There are many here in the NFl who have a bias against the small receiver. I guess there are those who believe the big tall athletic is the one who dominate in the NFl, so this has hurt Cole Chances because they have pigeon hole his ability as a WR. I guess those people must turn the blind eye to player like Steve Smith and Wes Welker of the NFL. Sometime being small has some advantages, these WR have shorter strides so cutting may be alot easier for them. I had a chance to see some of these video and it show Beasley ability to cut back on some cuts to avoid the defensive player and to get more yardage. I think this video high light the abilities he has if given a equal chance. The first thing I notice from Beasley was the amount of catches he had the last 2 years of college ball. This told me he had good hand, the ability to find the soft zone and the ability to move the chains. John Grudden on Monday night made a comment on Bill Walsh idealogy. Bill said the short passing game is really an extention of the running game. I believe this statement to be true. If you watch the Monday night game they never even got close to Alex Smith, in the Sunday night game they didnt get close to Paytan Manning because both these team run the type of offense which uses this short passing game. In fact even Atlanta uses this short passing game in it offense with it RB Rodgers and it WR on screens.
    Beasley is that player who can excell in this short passing offense. I have been talking about this type of offense all season. It not like Beasley never ran this offense, he was part of this offence at SMU, the number and amount of catches show what he can do for us. Against the falcons you must be able to throw underneath the zone, that mean passes must be caught at the line of scrimmage and 5 yards before the WR meet the DB. This is not the offence JG is running, he has Tony romo throwing at the zone or in coverage. You can win throwing like this or throwing 62 times in a game. Beasley is part not only of a better offensive game plan but a better future of the Cowboy as a whole.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      you make some very good points. I have also been screaming for the short passing attack

  • californy

    It look like Cole Beasley is a student of Wes Welker he is studying his game film to see what he can incooperate that into his game plan. Cole had a good mentor here at SMU in Emmanuel Sanders who is in his 3rd year with the Pittsburg Steeler. Emmanuel look solid as the Pittsburg third WR, it make you wonder whether Cole can have this same impact here in Dallas that Sander will have in Pittsburg as a 3rd WR. Sanders is projected to have 645 yards this year as 3rd WR, he may have bigger role if MIke Wallace leaves next year as they expect it. A good coach should never think just because a player is not getting the stats at the moment that he can not produce in the future or near future. Dez is in his third year and seem like he on the road to producing better number. Wes Welker was on his 3rd team before he had a breaking out party. I just hope we see Cole break out party comes this year than with someone else team in the future

    • Cowgirlcas22

      you will never get me to agree on Dez Bryant: he just doesn’t have the mental part of it to be successful in the NFL. That’s why he fell to us in the draft.He has all the tools, but not the smarts which is why he only ran like 3 routes in college. I look at guys like AJ Green and Julio Jones who made a huge impact as a rookie, dez just doesn’t have it upstairs as his off field decisions have also proven.

  • Shad

    I believe that there is some problems with the coaching staff but to me the blame still falls on Romo, he is supposed to b the leader of the offense, he isn’t a leader at all if he was he would get his receivers ( Dez) in the film room more, get help him understand the routes and see that he runs them right. I know it sounds like I believe he should babysit them but a good qb would do all these things, if one of Brady’s, brees’s, Payton, or Eli’s receivers doesn’t do something right he shows them and sees that they understand. Romo just needs to b a leader and he isn’t. Other than that I think Romo is a pretty good qb.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      How do you explain the fact that Romo had more players in attendance for the player led workouts during the lockout than any of the players you just mentioned? In fact he had more than any QB in the NFL! Like I said in the NFL one thing you can’t teach is football IQ and or instincts and mental toughness. either a player has it or he doesn’t. To be honest Brady or P Manning wouldn’t even allow those guys on the field in their offense, they demand perfection! Aikman said point blank Dez should be benched. BTW Romo is a QB: how do you expect him to get out there and teach a guy how to run a route when he never ran one in his entire NFL career?

  • Cap2vator


  • Jbbravo

    I have a question for you Cas. At the beginning of the season they made a point that Romo wanted Olgtree to be the guy in the third receiver spot. This was the point they made after his big game against the Giants. Could Romo be keeping other players also from getting on the field if this is the case. Also I don’t put all the blame on Romo, but I don’t think Romo has all this offense behind him. Witten is Romos friend but he stands behind Romo. I don’t see this kind of respect from any other players to me.

    • Cowgirlcas22

      I have followed everything that came out of valley ranch and I never once heard anyone say that Ogletree was Romos’ choice. last I heard: Romo said hey every once in a blue moon he needs to get to the ball lol. Let’s face it, Romo can’t stand in front of the media and say, hey my OL sux my receivers can’t run routes right etc. These players have to be media friendly! I can see the frustration on his face every time these guys screw up, cuz he always gets the blame!

      • Jbbravo

        Yea I don’t know who said it I just remember them talking about it during the game saying romo wanted him or something like that.

        • boysteamusa

          Romo did come out immediately after the 1st Giants game and said he saw stuff in Ogletree during training camp and he knew he was improved and that they had developed good chemistry…..Ogletree seems to know where he is going out there…he just needs to keep his head in going to make the catch….I dont think he remains serious enough about the game myself….got no time for guys half steppin out there

          • boysteamusa

            personally, I had no confidence in Ogletree at the beginning of the season. After that 1st game against the Giants..I figured I would have to eat crow and maybe management was right this guy improved…the next few games…..same ole Ogletree…think I had it right the beginning of the season….the guy is not consistently focused enough at making the catch

  • Artie C


  • boysteamusa

    I would love to see more of both Beasley and Harris on the field. JG simply doesnt make the best utilization of all his assets on the offense. Beasley will get his shots, I hope they come more this year, but he is no Dez Bryant nor would I compare the two. Dez is probably one of a few players you and I disagree about on the field. He certainly has some shortcomings but his upside is monumental and brings what no other talent in the WR corp can imo. Either way the team is bigger than Dez or Beasley or Romo for that matter. Unfortunately for us, no matter what we see of the teams potential JJ is the one calling the shots. That’st the damnable misery of it!