Sept 16, 2012; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks defensive end Bruce Irvin (51) rushes against Dallas Cowboys tackle Tyron Smith (77) during the second quarter at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Cowboys' LT Tyron Smith's Injury Continues Offensive Line Woes

Dallas Cowboys’ LT Tyron Smith, the player responsible for protecting franchise QB Tony Romo’s blindside, went down with an injury in Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Browns. The Dallas Cowboys have been struggling for years to put together a solid offensive line. For many fans, the playoff loss to Minnesota was a sign that that Cowboys’ owner and General Manager Jerry Jones had been neglecting the offensive line for years. Jones’ detractors argued that he was more interested in signing big names to sell tickets and jerseys, than drafting players to man the trenches and win football games.

Dec. 4, 2011; Glendale, AZ, USA; Dallas Cowboys tackle (78) Jermey Parnell against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

After 11 weeks, it is commonly accepted that the offensive line is the weak link on this Dallas Cowboys team, but most also believe that Tyron Smith is solid at the most important position on the line.

The extent of Smith’s current injury is not known, but it seems certain that he will be unable to play this Thursday, on Thanksgiving, when the Cowboys face the despised Washington Redskins.

Dallas Cowboy fans, and anyone who cares about the physical well-being of Tony Romo, should start worrying. The Cowboys’ interior line could not protect Romo when Smith was healthy. Now the Cowboys will have to face opposing defenses’ best pass-rushers with Tyron Smith’s replacement.

Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett got extremely lucky in 2011. Their back-up swing tackle, Jermey Parnell, didn’t have to play much. Few fans realize the risk the Cowboys took all of last year when they kept only one back-up tackle on the roster, especially when that back-up had never played a snap in the NFL. Remember, this is the same Jermey Parnell that played basketball in college, and only played one year of football as a defensive end.

Given the problems and injuries that the Dallas Cowboys have at center, the injury to Tyron Smith could be devastating. Jermey Parnell, despie any potential he may have, is highly unlikely to be ready to play at a high level.

You would think that it would make sense to move RT Doug Free over to LT (he has played there for a year) and put the inexperienced Parnell in at RT, but after the way Free looked ‘statue-like’ against the Browns, having him protect Romo from speed-rushers also seems frightening,

Now that Tyron Smith is hurt, Tony Romo’s health depends on DeMarco Murray coming back and running the ball.

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  • californy

    If I had my wished before the season started the boys would of drafted 3 OL and 3 DB and a DE. traded away Michael Jenkins for Aquib talib, Traded Away Felix Jones, then traded for RB Chris Ivory and trade away Miles Austtin for a top 35 pick.. It would of save this team 68 million over the next 5 years. But back to reality, it didnt happen and we got JJ version of a Romo Freindly draft. We also got JG version of right kind of player.
    Dennard a player I wanted was drafted in the 7th RD by NE, in 4 games started he has 3 interception and 20 tackles, he replaced All Pro CB Devon McCourty 4 games ago. I also wanted Burflict LB who went undrafted, in the first 7 games he started he had 63 tackles. Aquib Talib came off of his suspension had a pick 6 for 59 yards & Dennard had a pick 6 for 89 yards.
    Tyron Smith is one of the most penalize OT in the NFL, he not worth a top 10 pick. His team mate LT at USC in his 1st year with Minnesota has Peterson on pace for 2000 yards. Felix is on pace for 500 and Murray for 600.

  • californy

    I find it a insult to Romo to be joking about the boys win yesterday, in a statement JJ made. Then to follow it up with his statement that the OL played a good game yesterday.. Romo was sack a season high 7 times and was hurried up a whole bunch of time. Weeden had all the time in the world to make his passes, the only problem he lack are the WR. I dont think much of Tyron Smith. I be honest I hope he is gone for the rest of the year so this forces this team to get other OL so they can get a Offensive tackle. We need to see in the next month what player will replace Doug Free in this team Line up for next year. I be honest it will not be Parnell who is still looking for his first NFL start. Arkin is not the answer and neither is Leary who can even beat Arkin out. The OL we got this year with Bernardeau, Living, Cook are not doing the job. The Cowboy could of gotten Koeppen who is currently with Denver without giving up a player in next year draft. I would move on from Costa as well. I guess a third string Center in Bernadeau must be better than Kolwaski. IF Tony Romo had any smart he would not signed with the boys, they can protect him or guarantee he will even finished out his contract should he want to signed an extention. JG is no protecting Romo when he has Tony throwing the ball 50 times and running it 21 times. The chances of interceptions are highter when you throw it that much,

  • boysteamusa

    One injury should not sideline an entire offensive line. The problem is in player selection. The O-Line simply needs better caliber players across the board.