Live Blog of Draft

Starting just after 13:

My reaction after the Jets’ first pick:

Damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn.

My reaction to their second pick:

Not so bad. Sheldon Richardson could fit with the Cowboys, but so could the two or three tackles still left. Had they taken Vaccaro, I would have freaked. After him, I can’t think of anyone until… Matt Elam? The draft is strong enough in first round defensive lineman that taking another one won’t matter. I wouldn’t say safety is in the same position.



Still not worried. Vaccaro, Floyd still available. I’m still fine. In terms of fit for the Panthers: I know nothing about the Panthers. At all. I did attend a game of theirs one time. David Carr and Vinny Testaverde played and predictable sucked.


Take that back. Vaccaro taken. Floyd still available, but probable won’t be at 18. Oh crap. Eric Reid, Matt Elam still available at safety. Floyd still available too, should they go BPA. For the Saints: they gave up more than 7000 yards. Any defender would be fine.


Buffalo gets their quarterback and Dallas gets Reid or Floyd (should they go BPA.) Trade down is still a possibility, though I don’t know why a team would in a draft this deep.


Steelers get Jones but more important story: Dallas’ pick just got traded to San Francisco. Take back what I just said. Trying to get details hold on.

Floyd isn’t happening. Great pick by San Francisco. They have just been amazing since Harbaugh arrived. Still trying to get information.


Jumped the gun. Actually Eric Reid. I took what an ESPN guy said on Twitter too seriously.

Third round pick, switch first round picks for Dallas. Sorry for the delay. I’m forced to draftcast so everything is slow.


Justin Pugh. Don’t have any recollection of him. One guy on ESPN doesn’t like the trade for the Cowboys. I don’t mind it. I have advocated trading down the whole time. Getting something like a sixth would have been nice, but obviously that’s in a perfect world.


Just an offensive line explosion. I don’t recall seeing Long in many mock drafts. Still, this is a deep class. I profiled a guy from Tenessee who could be an option if the draft continues like this. His name (fittingly) was Dallas Thomas.


Giving a young quarterback weapons is never a bad thing. For Cincinnati, this is a great pick. It doesn’t hurt the Cowboys either. Nice all around.


Not much to see here. Desmond Trufant should be good, I guess. I’m going to take a break until the Cowboys get around.


I’m back. The Cowboys’ pick has been submitted.

Congratulations Travis Fredrick. Welcome to an offensive line in shambles. Still, rest assured that as a rookie you will be the second best offensive lineman on the team. How many first rounders can say that?

I’m going to bed. If anyone read this, thanks. Sorry I didn’t have much interesting to say.

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