Head Coach Jason Garrett and GM/Owner Jerry Jones did a poor job, with a deep draft class, of improving the Cowboys.

GM, Coach Set Back Dallas Cowboys Progression

The Dallas Cowboys had a bad draft.

There is not much else to say here. Dallas traded down from No. 18 to 31 while only picking up a third-round pick in return. They then drafted a center who was widely regarded as a third-round talent.

It gets worse.

Jerry Jones and company then decided it would be a good idea to spend another second-round pick on a tight end. Gavin Escobar will try to right the MArtellus Bennett wrongs that have the Dallas fans soured toward another “talented” tight end.

Dallas got a good deal when Terrance Williams was still available at No. 74. The Baylor University wide receiver is a good player, and most were surprised to still see him in the third round. Most Dallas fans were a little skeptical of the pick because Dallas needed a lot more than a wide receiver.

The big needs coming into the draft were without a doubt, offensive line, defensive line and safety.

Jones and head coach Jason Garrett really dropped the ball. They should have stayed at No. 18, taken maybe a Shariff Floyd out of Florida or a starting safety. Instead, they took people who Jerry looked at and said, “Taking this gamble can make me look like a genius.”

I’m sorry, but it is going to take a lot to make him look like a genius. He let his team down, and certainly let the fan base down.

When I asked some Dallas fans over the weekend what they thought of the Cowboys’ draft, they replied, “I don’t even want to talk about it.”

I feel the same way.

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  • http://twitter.com/OldFrog75 Old Frog

    Despite his statements to the contrary, JJ doesn’t give a rat’s ass what the fans think as long as they keep buying tickets and jerseys. He’s a billionaire and the Cowboys and their new stadium are his toybox to do with as he wishes…Fans and critics be damned.

  • jerry

    Another regurgitated story. I swear this is just a cut and paste story that we all heard 3 days ago.

  • http://www.facebook.com/billy.hill.77377 Billy Hill

    keep in mind they got 2 players in this trade. when you evaluate the pick you have to measure fredrick and the third round pick williams against the one pick they left on the board whomever it may have been. fredrick is a mean nasty center and rated as the best center in the draft. williams is the 2nd best receiver in college football for 2013 so looks like to me the one they left on the board would have had to be one hell of a player to be better than the two they got. also keep in mind that jerry pays a lot of money to coaches and scouts who probably know a little more about personnel than any sports writer or blogger alive or dead

  • jrcowboy49

    Dallas had notable prospects such as defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd and safety Eric Reid at No. 18. Instead, they worked out a trade with the San Francisco 49ers to swap first round picks and acquire an additional third. It seemed like a good idea at the time. The Cowboys would move down a few spots, gain an extra mid-rounder and still have a shot at drafting a top-rated offensive lineman. The plan backfired. The next two picks (19th and 20th) were tackle Justin Pugh and guard Kyle Long. Then, the plan backfired again. The 49ers used the 18th pick to select Reid, the Vikings snagged Floyd, and just when it seemed like the Cowboys were going to get a steal in defensive tackle Sylvester Williams, the Broncos took him at 28. It was clear that Plan A and Plan B had both failed. The results were picking a position of need, but not necessarily a player of desire. It seems that this was more of panic pick and less of a well thought out strategy. Trading down sounds nice in theory, but if it means missing out on a couple of top-rated prospects and being forced into a player you don’t want, then you have to question the value of your return.
    Cowboys used the 31st pick on Frederick, then Brian Schwenke went to Tennessee at 107. I’m not sure Frederick is even the better of the two prospects, let alone 76 picks better.
    Escobar can create passing-game mismatches, but offers zero as a blocker and
    isn’t necessarily an upgrade on incumbent No. 2 tight end James Hanna.
    Williams and Holloman were probably the only two true value picks in this group.
    Randle is a stiff, straight-linish runner with an awfully long way to go in pass
    Wilcox a safety was needed after releasing Gerald Sensabaugh . . . but what was needed was a center-fielder type FS, not another SS prospect. Wilcox played 1 season at SS for Georgia Southern after spending the previous 3 seasons on offense (slot WR).
    Webb a munchkin
    It would be difficult to say with any confidence that Dallas’ lineup improved
    with this draft. And they entered it with a team with OC,OG, OT, DE, BT, FS, LB
    needs. Jerrah really made an ass of himself in this draft and became a laughing
    stock to the league. Constantly bypassing quality players of need.

    • http://twitter.com/OldFrog75 Old Frog

      I thought he should have taken Warford at 31 and then picked up Frederick at 47 or even 74. Nothing against Escobar and Williams but I wish we’d gotten another OL in there somewhere.

    • http://twitter.com/C_Shearman Clayton Shearman

      You just wasted a lot of words…. You don’t know what their board looked like. You have no idea who they had ranked where or who they liked more than others. You are outrageously speculating… and half of what you said was total nonsense.

      • jrcowboy49

        If you have something positive to add to the conversation bring it. Your personal sarcasm is noted and unappreciated!