Head Coach Jason Garrett and GM/Owner Jerry Jones did a poor job, with a deep draft class, of improving the Cowboys.

GM, Coach Set Back Dallas Cowboys Progression

The Dallas Cowboys had a bad draft.

There is not much else to say here. Dallas traded down from No. 18 to 31 while only picking up a third-round pick in return. They then drafted a center who was widely regarded as a third-round talent.

It gets worse.

Jerry Jones and company then decided it would be a good idea to spend another second-round pick on a tight end. Gavin Escobar will try to right the MArtellus Bennett wrongs that have the Dallas fans soured toward another “talented” tight end.

Dallas got a good deal when Terrance Williams was still available at No. 74. The Baylor University wide receiver is a good player, and most were surprised to still see him in the third round. Most Dallas fans were a little skeptical of the pick because Dallas needed a lot more than a wide receiver.

The big needs coming into the draft were without a doubt, offensive line, defensive line and safety.

Jones and head coach Jason Garrett really dropped the ball. They should have stayed at No. 18, taken maybe a Shariff Floyd out of Florida or a starting safety. Instead, they took people who Jerry looked at and said, “Taking this gamble can make me look like a genius.”

I’m sorry, but it is going to take a lot to make him look like a genius. He let his team down, and certainly let the fan base down.

When I asked some Dallas fans over the weekend what they thought of the Cowboys’ draft, they replied, “I don’t even want to talk about it.”

I feel the same way.

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