June 18, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; A fan sits in the rain minutes before the scheduled start of a game between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Washington Nationals at Citizens Bank Park. The start of the game is currently delayed due to rain. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Live blogging the Rangers vs. Cardinals


Sadly there is a rain delay. When the rain passes over, I’ll start blogging. In the mean time, have fun listening to John Kruk fumble over his (probably prepared) sentences. In the mean time, have fun with this drinking game.




Drinking Game:

Shot for every:

  • 2 cheesy segments with Curt Schilling
  • 2 three-second-awkward silences.
  • Every fourth “back to the studio”
  • Hammy video segment from ESPN :30
  • 2 updates on the start of gametime
  • Discussions on Matt Harvey, Gerrit Cole, Zach Wheeler, or the Red Sox/Tigers bullpen situation


This could be a while, so here’s Ummagumma, an almost  1 1/2 album from Pink Floyd. I suggest only the live songs. The studio songs are (mostly) garbage. Careful With That Axe Eugene is by far the best part of the album.



Update 1: Game on.

Tepesch, after a three hour wait, finally starts.


11:14-Kruk doesn’t seem high on Tepesch: “If he keeps the ball low, he has a chance.”

11:17- The booth called Tepesch’s third pitch a hybrid between a cutter and a slider. Pitch F/X calls it a cutter. No ball out of the infield despite the Cardinals’ admittedly great lineup.

11:20- Brett Saberhagen the only pitcher since 1913 to have more wins than walks. Cardinal Adam Wainwright is on track to do the same.

11:22- Anyone notice the contempt Kruk had for ‘data”, or was it just me?

11:23- Double play to wipe the bases clean.

11:25- Wide throw but Murphy still out. +1 to the zero people who actually listened to Ummagumma all the way through.

11:30- Tepesch hits Allen Craig, creating the ever-desirable scenario of the best hitter in the NL batting with a man on.

11:32- The Rangers return the favor with a double play of their own.

11:35- Tepesch grounds in only his second at bat of his career.

11:43- Despite a high, slow curveball, Tepesch lucks out as Jay just tops it off.

11:50- Two straight strikeout from curveballs. Apparently, he shortens his stride on the mound sometimes for a better throwing plane. Have not heard of that from any other pitcher.

11:53- He just struck out the heart of the order like it was nothing. I hate using cliche’s, but he’s just dealing.

12:01- John Kruk doesn’t seem to like charades.

12:10- I haven’t seen a pitcher without top-flight velocity dominate a team like this since 2011 post trade-deadline Doug Fister.

12:22- I have to go. Since I’m in a place with satellite TV only, I’ve had to catch the game on ESPN 3. Now that I’m having issues with that, I have to end. Any idiot can live blog what they see on game cast. I’ll try to get a write up tomorrow.

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