Aug 24, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson talks to quarterback Tony Romo (9) during a time out in the second quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals at AT

Dallas Cowboys use the same script against the Bengals

Aug 24, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) is sacked in the first quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals at AT

Yes, the first team finally scored some touchdowns and yes, Romo looked sharp doing it. But doesn’t this script look familiar? If you watch Cowboys games, this one seemed to fit right into a similar script from last year. The opponent scores first, the Cowboys shoot themselves in the foot with penalties, they can’t run, and eventually have to turn the game over to Tony Romo to get them back in the game.

All we heard this off-season was an emphasis on the run, and then we see an absolute inability to get a running game established early on. Unless they settle on a front five, the Cowboys will not be able to run effectively. This whole game of shuffling players across the offensive line is eventually going to put Tony Romo on the injured list. Mark these words, they are playing with fire.

Just like last year, when this team attempted to run and got nothing. They consequently found themselves down and  had to hand the game over to Tony Romo. That’s just what they did in this game. Romo took over and simply started slinging it to Dez Bryant and Miles Austin. To their credit, they scored and it looked great. That style has earned Romo most of the Cowboys passing records, but it won’t translate to consistent success.

The Cowboys need to be able to win with Romo doing less, more often. Romo is at the best when he doesn’t have to constantly keep the Cowboys in every game. Not to say he can’t do that for a couple of games a year, that’s what separates good quarterbacks from great ones. There are only a handful of quarterbacks that can be consistently successful, with as many pass attempt as Romo needs to keep his team in every game, and Romo isn’t one of them. Forcing Romo to use his talent to keep his team in every game leads to bad decisions, and the Cowboys are back to where they have been – 8 and 8.

It can be really tempting to see this game as a success with the offensive breakthrough they had. But it’s not if you dig a little deeper. It’s the same style of winning that the Cowboys have employed over the years. Now, there is a silver lining to this dark article. I am all for the preseason benching of Murray for his fumble, finally some accountability. Anyone else notice Murray running a little harder in the third quarter? Also, the change to the defense side of the ball seems to be working well, hello turnovers! This script is familiar, but just maybe this year’s team will make some edits to the story.


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  • Sunil Mathew

    I believe the media over hypes the cowboys every year just to watch them fail. Houston is the big dawg in Texas now and should be considered Americas team ! :)

    • Raymond Tippett

      yeah right Houston give me a break Houston will always be the other team, I don’t care what you think they will always be the other team

    • KyleB

      Sorry, the Cowboys will always be America’s team.

    • Jobin Mathew

      Houston will ALWAYS live under the shadow of Dallas. Literally..

  • KyleB

    Spot on. If the Cowboys can’t get the running game going, Romo is set up for failure. Romo completes some amazing passes; however, if the Cowboys want a successful run into the playoffs, Romo ultimately needs the time to make smart passing decisions. That time is only provided by a solid offensive line and a consistent running game, but I’m skeptical that the Cowboys can write a new story this year.

    Justin, isn’t moving the offensive line around sometimes an unfortunate necessity? Do you think Leary’s return after knee surgery will give the offensive line the pickup that it needs?

    • JoeDaBeast

      Sometimes the gameplan should be geared against the type of defense you’re facing. The Bengals are much more stout against the run than the pass. Sometimes it is not prudent to think I’m going to run whatever play I want, just you stop me!!!!

  • Aundre Venters

    Great point! Digging a little deeper it was the same old script, but the key was the benching of Demarco Murray showing no tolerance for mistakes. The line will be better than last year with Leary at left guard and Free playing better. Mixing up the o-line, out of necessity due to injury, will be an advantage in the event they have in season injuries.

  • Joel G.

    Well done sir. Hopefully the script evolves as promised by our fearless leaders. Totally agree with accountability bench of Murray too!

  • Jason

    O-line sucks!! touchdowns were a result of a breakdown in the original play. if you’re gonna bench someone, bench the o-line for not getting off the ball quicker, not creating gaps for murray to run in, and not pass protecting long enough for the original play.

    • JoeDaBeast

      Great idea Jason! Bench the whole offensive line and put the punter, kicker, long snapper, and the two guys that hold the yard markers!! The problem is obvious, so how about coming up with a viable solution.

  • Jobin Mathew

    I would agree. The O-Line is more than terrible. And plus, with all the injuries on the left side and adjustments on the strong side, we’re finding it hard to create gaps and protect the ball. Third and log situations are nothing new for the Boys, but we really need to focus on an efficient run game early on.

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