Dec 16, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett celebrates a third quarter touchdown with receiver Dez Bryant (88) against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Redemption Of Dez Bryant


Aug 24, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant (88) runs after a catch against the Cincinnati Bengals in the second quarter at AT


The odds of Dez Bryant making anything of himself were so low that I would almost say they didn’t exist at all.  From his horrible up-bringing, he should have ended up as just another statistic.  I could not imagine taking even a few steps in his shoes.  There is an extreme fire that burns inside of this man and his past has a lot to do with that.  He has been nothing but wronged since the day he was born.  He could easily have said “screw this” and turned into the thug he was destined to be.

From the suspension in his last year at Oklahoma State. To the ever worthless Deion Sanders cutting his meaningless “umbilical cord” when it appeared Bryant needed a mentor the most (More on Deion in an upcoming article). Bryant must have wondered if things would ever go his way.  Dez however continued to fight.  It’s the only way he knows.  Bryant now works for Michael Jordan, who has taken on a mentoring role.  This could not have worked out better for Dez.

From writers and fans calling for his head after the incident with his mother, seemingly forgetting all he has been through (there were also reports that she was hounding him for money).  I am sure at this point Dez had had enough, and who exactly is anyone to tell him different?   I am not saying what he did was right but we don’t know all the facts.  I heard he swatted her with his baseball cap, in any event, he has moved on.  And I sure as heck I have too.

So let’s get to the man, the football player…

The first time I ever saw Dez Bryant catch a regular season pass I knew that he was different from any receiver I had ever seen play the game.  It was a quick pass out in the flat.  With defenders everywhere Bryant proceeded to fight for a few yards, and I mean fight.  It looked like a meaningless play. However it left an immediate impression on me.  I had never seen anyone punch and scrap and claw like that.  I knew he was different.  I knew I was going to like this kid right then and there.

Bryant continued to fight those first two seasons getting better along the way, and learning to be a man along the way.

Last season after fumbling a punt, I saw Jason Garrett go and to talk to Bryant.  I could not hear a lick of what Garrett said to Dez.  But I could clearly see Dez Bryant’s mouth say the words “yes sir” three times.  This is because somewhere along his path he learned about respect and he knew that he had just let his team and his coach down.  While being let down his entire life, this is not what Dez Bryant is going to be about.

After the last preseason game of the season Bryant’s voice sounded like he had just been cheering on his favorite team in the Super Bowl.  He is so ready to play it is ridiculous.  And I am so ready to watch him play.  He is the ultimate teammate and I could not be more proud of him.

So maybe it’s time for Deion and some other people to  slap on Dez Bryant’s shoes and go for a little stroll.  My guess is they will be trading those shoes in pretty quickly.

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