Dec 16, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys fan cheers on his team during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboys beat the Steelers 27-24 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Sport DFW en Español: A Note from the Editor


In an effort to meet the wants and needs of all our Sport DFW fans, we are pleased to announce we will begin expanding our coverage to offer select Spanish editions of our coverage. We recognize and embrace that a sizable amount of our area sports fans consider Spanish as their primary language. The Cowboys predominantly have a strong national and international following. This is an important segment of our fanbase that helps give the Dallas Cowboys the most loyal fans in the NFL.

This is a very exciting time for us as we work to serve our fans of area D/FW sports. Providing an article in our readers’ primary language is something we’re extremely pleased to do. For majority of our readers, English is the primary language. For English readers nothing will change. The Spanish articles will appear on Saturdays and will only be translations of current English articles. You will not miss out on any articles, editorials, or news as a result. In addition, we will not be clogging your newsfeed with a multitude of Spanish articles. They will only be on Saturdays. We will keep it simple with only a couple Saturday articles and spin off on a new site if demand dictates the need to do so.

This is a chance to embrace our brothers and sisters who cheer beside us. They are in the stadiums cheering with us, in the sports bar on the stool next to us, or in the house across from us. We are together in our passion and friends whether we know them personally or not. It’s comforting to know we can go anywhere and find someone who shares our love for the Texas Rangers…or the Dallas Cowboys…or the…

Leading the charge in this endeavor will be Sport DFW’s new Bilingual Staff Writer, Luis Dominguez. Luis Dominguez is a journalist and university professor. He has been writing for Spanish, Mexican, and American media since 2008. Domínguez became a writer for FanSided in August 2013, as a collaborator for Sport DFW. He is interested in the human complexities of sports and arts.

I would like to welcome Luis to his new role here with us here at Sport DFW! Thank you to all of our loyal readers and a preemptive welcome to all of the new readers yet to come…

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  • Oscar Thehound

    Awesome idea! Now you might actually reach a lot of your fan base!

  • Stephen Ross

    Screw any naysayers. This is a good idea for most teams/regions – not just DFW. If its good enough for ESPN Deportes, it’s good enough for Deportes DFW. I expect to see more FCC Dallas coverage.

  • Rebecca Cano Alvarez

    This is Awesome! LOVE IT!

  • Roberto Adrian

    Que buen idea senor Reid. Lo unico que recomiendo para mejorar la pagina aun mas es que escribes tambien de los Green Bay Packers porque son los mejores.

    • Reid Hanson

      I translated this as – “What a good idea Reid. If only the Green Bay Packers were as awesome as the Cowboys maybe someone would do this for them”…maybe some was lost in translation.

      • Roberto Adrian

        I guess my Spanish isn’t as good as I thought. That’s totally not what I wanted to write. lol. It’s a great idea for your page and a great way to welcome more fans to your site!!

  • Olga Put

    That’s a wonderful idea! You will see that soon other pages of the FanSided Network will copy the concept. :)

  • Amy Jene-Mohr Rondeau

    Yes! Awesome! This is a wonderful idea!! What a great way to include all fans.