Sep 8, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) warms up before the game against the New York Giants at AT

Tony Romo Dinged - Dallas Cowboys Underachieving...Again

As we wait to see exactly how Dallas Cowboys starting QB, Tony Romo, plays after that big 2nd quarter hit, let’s look at the performance of the Cowboys through the first half of tonight’s game. Word is it’s just the wind knocked out of him but it looks worse than that.

Three New York turnovers.

Three Dallas points from those turnovers.

That’s it.

Poor execution. Unopportunistic play in the redzone. Unprovoked false starts. All of it and more is to blame. Monte Kiffin delivered what he said he would. Turnovers. The defenes looks great (well, mostly). The offense looks like the same stupid and sloppy unit that tormented Cowboys fans last year. The Cowboys are clearly the more talented team on the field tonight but due to their own errors and general stupidity they sit ahead by only 3 points at halftime.

The 70 yard TD was a veteran and savvy move by the Giants. The Cowboys were sleeping on the play and completely disorganized. I swear I saw Rob Ryan barking on the Dallas sideline amidst the chaos. Or maybe Kiffin just felt bad for Garrett/Callahan’s sloppy offense that he wanted to offer some solidarity. Whatever the reason – it’s inexcusable.

This team is clearly talented. But once again the intelligence and execution are holding them back. Is this just a typical result of a team in the first half of the first game? Or is this is sign of things to come?

It’s hard to be upset with a halftime lead against a division rival but this is pretty ridiculous.

If only we had a team of 22 Barry Church’s!


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