Sep 29, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (88) runs between San Diego Chargers strong safety Marcus Gilchrist (38) and inside linebacker Manti Te

Chargers Slap Cowboys Back to Mediocrity

“They are who we think they are…” That statement rings true year after year. The Cowboys fumbled away any chance to change their true nature today against the Chargers.  They did tease Cowboy nation with a couple of impressive Dez Bryant touchdowns. Although as soon as the Chargers took the lead, we saw the true Dallas Cowboys come to light. Let’s look at the details.
The Cowboys get into trouble when they are down and Romo abandons the run. All of you should now this by now. Let me prove it. After the Chargers scored their first touchdown, Romo decided to abandon the run and only 3 of the next 11 plays were running plays.
To be fair, they did score a Dez Bryant touchdown, but one has to look at the bigger picture. When Romo feels the game is slipping away, he takes the game plan into his own hands and starts throwing it around. So they score, that’s great, but it required Romo to go 6 for 6 on their first scoring drive. That type of performance cannot be the minimum requirement to score. It cannot survive a full NFL game.
I thought the Cowboys had turned the corner with this style of play in the second quarter. 3 straight running plays and then Romo hits Dez for his second touchdown. There is was, right in front of them. Run, run, run, pass and touchdown. You would think it would be easy for the Cowboys to run this type of offense. Even if the run plays get you nothing, it still keeps the linebackers dedicated to the run.
At the beginning of the 4th quarter, the Cowboys were only down by 2 points. How many times did they Cowboys run it? A grand total of 1 time. You can now refer to the first line of this article. So everyone is talking about poor Terrance Williams. That rookie looked like he just wanted to crawl into a hole. No one on the bench wanted to sit next to him. Do you blame them? Let’s remember though, Dez Bryant fingers cost the Cowboys a win a couple of years ago over the Giants. It happens; he was trying to make a play and he didn’t secure the ball.
So what am I saying, this was a toss-up game( click here for my schedule preview). They lost and that’s not the worst in the world. The issue was that it came right before the best team in football is scheduled to come to AT&T Stadium. And if you peak ahead, the Redskins seemed to have righted the ship and they are up after the Broncos.
This loss on its own, isn’t unique. It’s the collective mediocrity behind it that’s frustrating everyone. Year after year, the Cowboys seem to follow the same old script. Hmm, sounds like a great article title.(click here)

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