Sep 29, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws a pass during second half action against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Jakes Takes: Broncos at Cowboys

Sep 29, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) and receiver Dez Bryant (88) prior to the game against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Well here we are folks we are at the fork in the road.  I don’t necessarily mean just this game, but it starts with this game.  These next 4-5 weeks will make or break the Cowboys who could not stand the thought of building a little breathing room by maintaining a lead against the Chargers.

The Broncos are coming in to Texas as hot and confident as can be, although they can be had.  Denver hasn’t had the toughest road so far, but they are playing extremely good offensive football.  Peyton Manning is playing like a champ and he is bound to have a great game against the Cowboys.

The Cowboys however should also be able to move the ball, it just depends if they want to or not.  Tony Romo’s interceptions are way down and you know what?   So are his big plays, Dallas it seems thinks they can win with a “bus driver”.  Well guess what?  They can’t, they are 2-2, right where they always are.  If they want to have even a sniff of a chance in this game and in this season for that matter than it is time to play some downfield football.  If they plan on dinking and dunking the Broncos then they might as well not show up.

Dallas should also be able to run the ball against Denver.  Demarco Murray has played well this season and seems to be finding his groove.  The offensive line has been decent and they should only get better with continuity.

If Kiffin decides to play zone the entire game then say goodnight, he has to find a better way to mix his coverage’s.  The good quarterbacks that Dallas has faced have butchered them, and they do not get better then Peyton.  He is going to get the ball out quick, so the Cowboys have to change things up.

This game will either be a blow-out by the Broncos or a shoot-out with the Cowboys having a chance.  Dallas had better find their aggressive passing attack, because they are going to need it in this game.  I would rather watch them lose trying to win rather than lose trying not to lose.

We are about to find out what these Cowboys are about in the next month and it starts on Sunday against the Broncos.

Key Player:  Tony Romo, I don’t care if he throws three picks in this game.  He has to return to the aggressive play maker that has kept us relevant for the last 6 years.  If they continue this Trent Dilfer type offense then pack it in now fellas and save me anymore heart-break.  For the last time let it fly Tony!!

Prediction: Broncos 35 Cowboys 32

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