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Dallas Cowboys Vs. Denver Broncos Live Stream and Predictions


Sep 22, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys cheerleader performs during the game against the St. Louis Rams at AT

Date: October 6th

Kickoff Time: 3:25 pm CDT

TV Channel: CBS

Live Stream: Live Stream


This is the time the Cowboys prove they are a legit team. This is the day the Dallas Cowboys show they are the best of the division. This is the game the Dallas “freakin” Cowboys prove once and for all – they are a contender.

This is the…

The Dallas Cowboys will not win this game. Stop dreaming. It’s just the reality of the situation. Peyton Manning is perhaps the greatest QB of all time and he is perhaps playing the best football in the history of the world. The way this Denver Bronco team is operating is simply frightening.

The offense is breaking records and destroying anyone who dares stand in their way. The defense…who cares about the defense when the offense is so dominant, right? But that right there may just be what the Dallas Cowboys need to exploit…

Stats mean absolutely nothing at this point.

Denver has a poor pass defense? That may be because they are always winning by double digits – ya think? The Dallas Cowboys need to ignore statistics and just run the ball. We’ve been saying it for weeks (years really): Run the damn ball!

If you want to get in a shootout with Manning then good luck. Your best odds are limiting his possessions and forcing a close game. The only way to do that is to dominate possession by running the ball.

The Cowboys MUST run the ball. Manning is untouchable if it’s a straight-up battle of quarterbacks.

Historically Peyton Manning’s only weakness has been game winning drives. It’s the reason he only has one Super Bowl. He’s so smart – so talented – he takes his time because he knows he’s better than anyone else. His patience is the source of his weakness.

The Cowboys must frustrate, assault, stall, and take penalties on all Bronco drives.  It’s all or nothing on defense because what the Cowboys normally bring just ain’t enough. On offense they need to hog the ball with short passes and simple running plays.

At the end of the day the Cowboys will grow impatient with the run-game, play ultra conservative defense and ultra aggressive offense and hand this game over by halftime. Which is exactly what Manning and the Broncos want. The Broncos are virtually unbeatable (until the postseason when Manning’s patience finally beats him – like almost always) this season. The Cowboys are only pretending to be contenders and are not innovative or disciplined enough to beat the Broncos this Sunday.

Prediction: Broncos 34 Cowboys 24

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