October 20, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) throws the ball during the second half action against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeffrey Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys at Philadelphia Eagles Game Notes

Sunday’s Cowboys/Eagles Game Observations

  • On the first possession the Cowboys faced 3rd and 1. They ran a slowly developing play up the middle that required elderly OG Brian Waters to pull and block crashing LBs. He got jammed up in a Witten block and never made it. This allowed the LBs to fill the hole before the run play even got there.
  • Announcer, Troy Aikman, justified the hair-pulling of punt coverage gunner, BW Webb, saying it was part of the uniform and legal. Umm, it’s only legal if he has the ball. Otherwise as part of the uniform it’s holding.
  • Teams will continue to pick on Bruce Carter until he makes them pay. The HB Wheel Route is difficult to defend and has been his undoing. It may be time to “bait” a team into running this with a little support over the top. This is an easy INT for a safety over the top but it will require single coverage elsewhere.
  • False Starts are killing this team again and Doug Free is leading the campaign of pain. It would be great to bench the absent-minded SOB but with no real options behind him it looks like we’re stuck. Maybe we should institute the 5 Push-up Rule for every false start?
  • Another week and another cheap shot on Tony Romo. This time it happened while he was on the ground and already sacked. If it was RGIII on the ground we’d see flags flying in from everywhere. Why no protection for the all-time leading NFL passer in the first 100 career games?
  • Speaking of the all-time leading NFL passer in the first 100 career games: For as much as we whine and complain about Romo’s mistakes we really are lucky to have a QB of his ilk. Need I remind you of Quincy Carter? With Romo anything can happen (good and bad). That’s better than the alternative…
  • I hate punting from the opponent 40-35. On Sunday the Cowboys punted from the 35 and gave the Eagles the ball at the 15. Whoopee! This strategy makes sense sometimes when you have a dominant defense and suspect offense or when the distance to a first down is greater than 10 yards. None of that applied to Sunday’s situation. It’s not only a philosophical preference but statistically it usually works in your favor to go for it.
  • Terrance Williams has grown into an excellent receiver in seven weeks. He has great sideline awareness and runs crisp routes. I despise on-the-job training for WRs but it seems to be working out.

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