Dallas Cowboys Midseason Stock Report

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Oct 27, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett looks on the field sidelines during the fourth quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are now half through the 2013 NFL season.  With eight games completed, it’s time to review player performance and analyze who are the Bulls (good stocks on the upswing) and who are the Bears (bad stocks on the downswing).

Also included on this report are the buy/sell recommendations, the hottest IPO (Rookie stocks), stock to hold, and finally our Blue Chip stocks (the Rock Stars of the market).

After tracking recent trends on the Dallas Cowboy’s Stock Exchange (DCSE), these stocks have stood out the first half of the season:

The Bulls (Hot Stocks Rising in Value)

Tony Romo: Romo is quietly putting together a fantastic season. He’s on pace for over 4,400 yards passing, while completing 66% of his passes. He’s pacing 36 TDs with 10 INTs which happens to be his best TD/INT ratio yet and one of the very best in the entire league.

Despite the 4-4 record, Tony is making plays when needed and almost singlehandedly allowing the Cowboys to compete in every game. The big question at hand, is can Tony continue his brilliance with the loss of Offensive Line Leader, Brian Waters.

Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Dez Bryant: An absolute beast on the field can catch anything thrown his way despite the defenses best efforts to stop him. He has dropped balls from time to time but his playmaking more than makes up for it.

For some reason Tony Romo stops throwing the ball to him for stretches of the game. Those are typically the same stretches that the Cowboys fall behind.

Dez is becoming a Superstar and the world can now see it. He’s on his way to Blue Chip status but needs to keep proving it.

Jason Hatcher: Hatcher is the lone lineman standing after a very rough start to the 2013 season. Once the Cowboys boasted of a line of Ware, Spencer, Ratliff, and Hatch. Now there’s just Hatch. Ware will return soon but Hatcher has been holding it down.

As Monte Kiffin’s 3-technique DT, Hatcher has absolutely thrived, ranking as one of the top interior D-linemen in the NFL. He’s going to force the Cowboys to make some very tough decisions this offseason as they look to get under the cap AND retain their top lineman.

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The Bears (Cold Stocks Falling in Value)

Brandon Carr/Morris Claiborne: The secondary has been atrocious. Mo has spent more time injured than healthy and Carr has been anything but consistent.

Mo is still lacking confidence and performing poorly as a result. He’s ranking in the bottom half of the league (the bottom half of the bottom half, at that) and has done little to justify his lofty draft status.

Brandon Carr is paid and treated as if he’s a star cornerback in the NFL. He’s not. He has been a huge disappointment and a colossal waste of money. He’s a good teammate and will make plays from time to time, but he’s expected to be a top 10 CB (and he’s paid like one too) and he’s anything but.

This secondary is on pace to be the worst in the NFL in multiple categories.  These guys have to get better because they simply cannot be any worse.

Other stocks to avoid: Kyle Wilber and Miles Austin

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