Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) celebrates after the game winning touchdown with head coach Jason Garrett against the Minnesota Vikings in the fourth quarter at AT

Cowboy Victory: Winning the Right Games


There are not a lot of happy Cowboys fans this morning. It seems like everyone is irritated about the Cowboys last second victory. Normally I would be right there with you. I would point you to my early articles in regards to winning with this style of play. We will get to that, but lets talk about winning the right games.

This Cowboy team was supposed to win today and they did. Their star players game out the game without injuries. The defense, while giving up highlight runs occasionally, did a decent job of stopping Adrian Peterson at the line of scrimmage. You may not believe me on that one but go back and watch the game film and you will see what I am trying to get at.

That doesn’t seem like a lot to hang one’s hat on. Let dig a little deeper. The Cowboys are winning and losing the right games. Sure it would have been amazing to see them beat the Broncos, but they don’t matter. They are an AFC team that will probably beat most of the NFC East Foes.

The Cowboys are 3-0 in their division. All of the other teams have at least 2 loses. I predict that the Redskins will make a push. If this division is tied about up at the end, it will go to the division record and so far the Cowboys are setting themselves apart. The Cowboys conference record is a division best 5-1.

The Cowboys are collecting the wins against opponents that matter when it comes to playoff formulas. That’s not to say that the Cowboys will increase those numbers. If anything, it will probably even out a little bit. They have set themselves up very nicely.

All it will take is for the Redskins and possibly the Eagles to slip up a game or two and the Cowboys will have a strangle hold on the division. The Cowboys could possibly end up with an 8-8 record, but because of where these wins are coming from, the division could be theirs.

So let’s talk about this game. I have said that you can’t win consistently this way. It’s too much to ask  Tony Romo to lead a 90 yard drive while being almost perfect. I am not advocating a 50/50 split when it comes to run/pass. Just not the ratio we saw yesterday. I cannot even remember the last time the Cowboys ran the ball on 3rd and 2, or 3rd and 3.

Each game is its own little enigma. The Cowboys could afford to pass a lot because the Vikings secondary was beat up. Today they won playing a difficult style of offense, but they won the right game.

Here are my 5 Stars of the game:

Tony Romo – Led his team on a difficult but game winning drive.
The Defensive line-Once again, no names, just production.
Cole Beasley-He fought harder against press coverage today and it showed.
Chris Jones-Punter made a touchdown saving tackle.
Jason Witten-Finally was able to break out even though he was doubled most of the day.

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