Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Bill Callahan prior to the game against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

Dallas Cowboys: Nowhere To Run

Oct 6, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) hands off the ball to running back DeMarco Murray (29) against the Denver Broncos at AT

The Dallas Cowboys are headed in the wrong direction in their attempts to balance the offense.  Sunday vs. the Vikings the Cowboys managed to pull off 9 runs and one of those was a Tony Romo scramble.  It was kind of strange because DeMarco Murray ran the ball decently early on and then, presto he was taken out of the plans.  He did make some catches out of the back-field but it seemed like he should have gotten some more opportunities to carry the ball.

None of the other running backs have been effective when given a chance and the lack of a running game is killing this offense.  These Cowboys have been making some of the worst defenses in the league look stout in recent weeks.  They have no rhythm and are lacking any big plays and that includes the passing game.  Dallas has plenty of weapons on offense and the offensive line is better than it has been for some-time so this is inexcusable.

The reason that the pass game stinks is because the running game is a joke, there is no threat of the Cowboys running the ball consistently.  When they do run it, it is often for a loss or no gain.  The Cowboys have to figure out how to get some of these defenders out of the box.  Teams are pressuring the Cowboys offense extensively and having huge success.  Dallas has to find a way to make these opposing defenses pay, and they have to do it quick.

The only hope they have is to feed DeMarco Murray the ball at least 20 times a game with some sprinkles of Lance Dunbar and Joseph Randle.  They need to let Murray get into a rhythm in these remaining games, if he stays healthy that is.  This needs to start this weekend against the Saints, their only hope in that game is to get the running game going.  They desperately need this in order to get the passing game going.

The Dallas Cowboys have several tough games on the horizon, and they must take some pressure off of Tony Romo or this team has absolutely no chance going forward. 

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