Nov 17, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning (10) drops back to pass during the first half against the Green Bay Packers at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

A Very Brief Word On Eli Manning, Who Faces the Dallas Cowboys This Week

After two full-length articles involving Rangers shortstops, I unfortunately have fallen prey to “unexpected events”, which means this post will be truncated relative to most of my other articles. For those of you interested in further explorations in trade values, I am sorry. However, finding the trade value for Ian Kinsler doesn’t interest me in the slightest. What does interest me (at least more than Ian Kinsler) is this week’s Cowboys-Giants match-up. Both teams are having seasons that (in many respects) they would rather forget, but due to the remarkable inadequacy of the NFC East, both at least have a shot of making the playoffs. Whether or not the Giants still factor into the equation is largely on Eli Manning‘s shoulders.

Describing Eli Manning in the first few weeks of the season would be difficult, not because he had a mixed campaign up to that point but because few words exist to describe exactly how poor he did. “Piss-poor” is rather vulgar, while “putrid” and “terrible” are used so much that they are frankly cliche. After a brief period of soul-searching, the best word (phrase but whatever) is “grossly inadequate”. A term coined by a former civics teacher, and it fits any occasion that deserves a negative connotation, which makes it perfect in describing early Eli Manning.

Eli Manning’s last four games have been  slightly closer to adequate. While decidedly still poor, he has cut down on his interceptions, and has progressed from a third-string to a second-string quarterback in his play. He had an adequate game against the Packers last week, so it appears as if he is breaking out of his truly remarkable early slump and into a more normal one. With that being said, considering how the Cowboys have played defense so far, it would be unreasonable to assume he throws for less than 400 yards.

Of course, you knew that. Jerry Jones knows that as well.


*This piece feels pathetically short. It seems only fair that I include something interesting. Here goes it.

  • It it pretty much accepted that Blaine Gabbert is the worst quarterback in the NFL presently and probably the worst of any year since at least JaMarcus Russell. Still, it is truly shocking that Gabbert’s best game (in terms of QBR) is more than 2.5 times worse than Eli Manning’s worst game. Gabbert scored (in his first game of the season) a 2.8. Eli Manning in his worst game scored a 7.2. Just consider that. Also consider that 50 is average.
  • Per Deadspin, a chart of Eli Manning’s pace to set the all-time interception record. He is off Vinnie Testaverde’s pace. A random note about Vinnie Testaverde: he set the interception record in ’88. I saw him play (live) in ’07. He was a quarterback of the Panthers and replaced David Carr. David Carr, as in major draft bust David Carr**. Testaverde was drafted number one overall as was Carr. There must be some information on the last time a number one overall pick replaced another number one overall pick, but I have no idea how to find it
  • I truly AJ Pierzynski facts. Last year, in over 450 plate appearances, Pierzynski walked 11 times. In only five games, Eli Manning threw more interceptions. He threw 12.


**Granted, he was completely obliterated by the record-setting-ly awful pass protection he received. So though I don’t pin all of the blame on him for how he turned out, he is still a bust.

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