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Jerry Jones Announces Jason Garrett Will Return in 2014

It is official; Jason Garrett will return as the head coach in 2014. Cowboys fans, you may now sit there and wonder sitting at your computer or smartphones. Despite all of his decision-making problems and lack of experience, Garrett will return as the Cowboys’ head coach in 2014. The Dallas Cowboys have the most talent out of any team in the NFC East, but they have let the Giants and the Eagles right back in to the race. The Cowboys have players who are at the top of their level at their respective positions. Players like Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, DeMarcus Ware, Sean Lee, and Brandon Carr are at the top of their positions. With all of this illustrious talent, the Cowboys still haven’t been able to put it all together.

Sitting at 5-5, the Cowboys are currently behind the Eagles by half a game. The Eagles have won three in a row with Nick Foles at helm. Foles has only made one turnover the whole year, which was a strip fumble. Besides the game against Dallas, Foles hasn’t had a problem with any opposing defenses this year. Foles is currently first in the league with 128.0 quarterback rating. Not only is Chip Kelly’s offense clicking, but his defense is starting to hit its stride at the perfect time. Besides the Eagles soaring, the Giants have quietly won four games in row. The Giants started out the season 0-6, but they are now very much in the thick of things. In fact, the Cowboys have a must-win matchup this week against the Giants at the Meadowlands.

Mediocrity has hit the Cowboys once again for not the second, but third straight year in Dallas. You would think this would cost Garrett his job with all of the talent put out in front of him, but it will not. In Garrett’s tenure, his overall record is 26-24. For a team with Super Bowl aspirations, is 26-24 acceptable? Absolutely not. It is almost implausible to believe Garrett is on his way back to the sideline for another year. We have seen Jerry Jones’ loyalty to Garrett in the past. In 2008, Jones made Jason Garrett the highest-paid assistant coach in the league. Garrett was garnering interest across the league as a future head coach candidate, but Jerry didn’t want to lose his prized offensive coordinator. Meanwhile, Dallas is still stuck in the middle of the pack.

Besides bad coaching and awful clock management, the worst problem in Dallas is consistency. You never know which Cowboys team you will get off the gate. They could come out firing like they did against the Denver Broncos, or they could come out laying an egg like they did against the New Orleans Saints. Cowboys fans, you can throw away this article for another year.

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  • Jd

    I have no hesitation in saying, if Dallas loses Sunday to the Giants, I could absolutely see Jerry firing Garrett on Monday.
    But if Jerry is serious about maintaining stability and keeping Garrett, then he has to let Garrett and his coaches do their jobs. And let them evaluate future talent & rebuild this team, especially the defense. And unequivocally have depth on this team. There is no question this has underachieved this season, but I give them a tiny excuse with the injuries. Next season, no excuses, no breaks and no more bs. Get the cap situation straight, utilize the draft to get high quality players who will make an impact on this team & rid yourself of players who are just taking up roster spots with limited talent.

    • Ryan Ratty

      JD, you always have a terrific comments. But, it’s been 3 years now. With all of this talent, Dallas has to be playing better than this. We all use the same “injuries” excuse, but we used that last year as well. This team has to start playing better football, before it’s too late.

      • Jd

        I definitely agree. And this team needs to start winning Sunday by beating the Giants. I’m sure you’ve heard the guaranteed victory prediction from Thomas of the Giants. Dallas is getting healthy, Romo has a full compliment of weapons and enough bulletin board material that should make this team want to bury the Giants. And it’s time we see Garrett actually make the right decisions to win games instead of the same mistakes he keeps making since his first season.
        And I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, after all the talking coming from JPP & now Thomas, I’m jacked up enough & pi$$ed enough that our Cowboys better come out & impose their will on an inferior Giants team & make a statement.
        I’m just sick & tired of losing these games year after year and no one being afraid to play us anymore.
        We’re going to find out if Dallas is for real.
        It’s time for Hatcher & Ware to completely dominant the Giants offensive line & put Eli on his back all day. It’s time for Romo to show up in this spot & finally win a game of this magnitude for the first time in 4 years. And it’s timetthe world remembers who Dez Bryant is.
        Enough is enough with the crappy, trash mediocrity & underachieving play against lesser opponents.

        Sunday is the day the Garrett led Dallas Cowboys arrive or we continue to see the same team everyone else thinks we are. An overrated, talented team, who can’t win the must win. games.

        • Ryan Ratty

          JD, I’m really hoping you’re right. Like you, I love this team. To see them fail under pressure over the past 5 years, it has been extremely painful. I live outside of New York City; all of my friends are Giants fans. If Dallas loses, I will not hear the end of this game.

          Regarding the gameplan: Romo needs to look at Bryant at least a dozen times. Don’t get me wrong, Miles Austin/Terrance Williams/Dwayne Harris/Cole Beasley are all playmakers. But, they can’t change the game like Dez can. On the defensive side of the ball, it is finally time for this defense to stand up. I’m excited to see Hatcher back in this starting lineup. I feel with Hatcher back, Ware can thrive on the outside. I hate to call him out because his story this year has been amazing, but George Selvie needs to make his presence felt too. We haven’t really heard his name in weeks. At 5-5 in week 12, we need to start finding consistency. Where will it come from? Will the real Romo please stand up?

          The main question is “What team is going to show up this Sunday?” Could it be the team that steamrolled the Rams or the team that barely got past the Vikings. This may be Dallas’ most important game in the past three years. It’s time to shut up the haters and those rival New York Giants.

          Let’s go Cowboys!

          • Jimmy D

            I agree with everything you said, and dead on with Dez. And I believe this game lies fully on the shoulders of Romo and our D line. If Romo hits his targets when they take their shots & our D line gets pressure, we win.

            Let’s go Cowboys