Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray (29) runs with the ball in the fourth quarter against Oakland Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson (24) during a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at AT

Cowboys Feast on Raiders Run Defense

The Cowboy spent their Thanksgiving feasting on the Raiders run defense.  It did not start that way. The Cowboys were unable to do the simple act of kneeling during a kick return.  That mistake cost them a touchdown.

After a couple of punts by each team, the defense came up with a big play. The Raiders fumbled on their 3 yard line. That mistake allowed the Cowboys to tie up on the game

What was really interesting was how the Raiders responded to losing the momentum. They took it right back.  You wouldn’t expect that from a young team. It got a little concerning when they kept scoring.

What really turned it around was that last drive right before the half. Romo took his team methodically down the field and his team scored right before the half.  That only got them closer in terms of points, but gave them the momentum.

Starting the second half, the Cowboys running game really started to find its groove.  The combo of Murray and Dunbar kept the Raiders reeling with the change of pace.

Speaking of the running game, did you all notice that both running backs hitting the hole quicker while making decisive cuts for extra yard? I have watched a lot of film this year and this is the most aggressive I have seen the running backs.

Where the game was won was yet again on the offense. This time, it was a great mix of run and passes that converted third downs and took large amounts of time off the clock.

So what am I saying? The Cowboys had once again put the playoff destiny in their hands. They still need a couple more victories, but Cowboy fans can only expect a shot at the playoffs and Tony Romo and the offense are putting the team in line for that shot.

Below are my 5 key plays:

Kyle Wilber fumble recovery-Led to Touchdown

Tony Romo pass to Dez .Bryant for 25 yards on 3rd down conversion before half, led touchdown

Tony Romo pass short left to Cole Beasley – 3rd down conversion, led to touchdown

Jason Witten converts 3rd and 6 for 19 yards, kept drive alive.

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