Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys running back Lance Dunbar (25) while Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Stacy McGee (92) attempts to make a tackle during a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at AT

Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving Game Observations

Here are some quick observations from the Dallas Cowboy’s come-from-behind victory against the Oakland Raiders on Thanksgiving Day.

  • The game started as bad as humanly possible with the fumbled kickoff returned for a TD. Terrance Williams clearly isn’t a natural kick returner and accepted contact timidly resulting in the fumble. Cole Beasley or Lance Dunbar should be better alternatives to be Dwayne Harris‘ backup.
  • Miles Austin wasn’t running all routes with full effort. Either he’s picking and choosing when to try because he’s being lazy, or he’s not as healed as we were led to believe. Austin has never struck me as lazy so it’s safe to say it’s the later rather than the former.
  • Dallas played much of the game in single high safety packing the box to stop the run. This held true even on many 3rd downs.
  • Say what you will about Morris Claiborne but of all the Dallas Cowboys CBs, he plays the ball the best. It was getting frustraiting to see Carr and Scandrick faceguard receiver after receiver, never looking back at the ball. Finally Brandon Carr corrected this on his endzone interception to seal the game.
  • The Cowboys O-line was the biggest cause for the slow start. They were not getting manhandled but were missing very basic assignments and blitz pickups. Thankfully they corrected it as the game progressed.
  • Mike Jenkins was playing great until he was injured. That reminded me of the main reason he was deemed expendable in the first place.
  • Kyle Wilber continues to play well at LB. He is sooooo much better at LB than he was at DE it makes me wonder what the heck the Cowboys coaching staff was thinking when they moved him in the first place.
  • Jim Nantz and a carb overload make me want to go to sleep.
  • I asked it when it first happened and I’m sure we’re all asking it now, “Why the hell did we cut Andre Holmes?”
  • Lance Dunbar is a huge X-factor in this offense. He is the Danny Woodhead/Darren Sproles kinda playmaker that can dominate a game if used correctly. I mentioned earlier that he should be the kick returner in Harris’ absence. The Cowboys need to find a way to get the ball in Dunbar’s hands each week.

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