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Dallas Cowboys: Grin and Bear It

Four Games. We are down to the final four games in December and need to make a playoff push. We all know what that usually means, sadly, a collapse. The Dallas Cowboys control their own destiny yet again as they head into the final stretch of games of the regular season. It appears like Sean Lee will be back, DeMarcus Ware is healthy, and many more are recovering from their ouchies. This week the Dallas Cowboys take on a reeling Chicago Bears, losers of two in a row and three out of the last four.

Jay Cutler has already been ruled out for the game. Josh McGown has been no joke with 9 TDs and 1 INT since he started playing this season. While the Bears offense is pretty darn good, McGown has some problem reading LBs. That means if Sean Lee plays like Sean Lee, it could be huge for the Cowboys.

On the other side of the ball the Bears will have to pick their poison. Their defense has been terrible against the run. If they want to stop it, they have to put more men in the box. More men in the box means they are allowing Dez Bryant to run free in the secondary.

The Special Teams advantage goes to the Bears. Without Dwayne Harris the Bears have the clear edge in kick returns with ace Devin Hester.

So in order to win the Cowboys will need to:

1. Play the pick your poison game on offense. Adjust to what the Bears are trying and take advantage of the one on one matchups.

2. Pressure McGown. Until this team shows it can get consistent pressure on QBs, I will continue to harp on this. Lee being back could help.

3. Get physical. Matt Forte and Alshon Jeffery aren’t the biggest guys. Hit Jeffery off the line and hit Forte on every carry. Brandon Marshall and Martellus Bennett are much bigger and need to be frustrated, you aren’t going to hit them like the others but you can’t let them walk over you either.

4. Tony Romo needs to be Tony Romo. The Bears give up a ton of big plays. Let Romo air it out more (unless there are significant swiring winds).

5. Run DeMarco Murray, run! The Bears seem to give up big run plays when teams stick to the run. If Dallas should fall behind, don’t panic and wait for Murray to hit a big one.

I think this game could be close. If there is some wind, it plays in Dallas’ favor. Stopping Hester and getting physical will help. The biggest help is having Sean Lee back. So this week the song of the game is Mudvayne – World So Cold. Basically because of the weather here in Dallas and in Chicago, it could play a big role.

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