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Dallas Cowboys Live Stream, Game Information and Prediction

Dallas Cowboys at Chicago Bears Live Stream: How to Watch the Cowboys Online

Date: Monday, December 9th

Kickoff Time: 7:40pm CST

Tickets: Cowboys @ Bears tickets

TV Channel: ESPN

Live Stream: ESPN 3/Watch ESPN

Reid Hanson Sport DFW Editor/Lead Writer

This Monday Night matchup has been marked on my calendar since before the season began. I felt it would serve as a pivotal point to the Dallas Cowboy’s season. It’s the first game of December, and in case you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you know Dallas is notoriously poor in the month of December. If the Cowboys want to change their fortune in December, they would need to start here – in Chicago – on Monday night – in frigid temperatures.

With this date circled as the tipping point of the Cowboy’s season, located inside the circle I placed a large letter “L” in red ink. This was predicted without knowledge of actual team records or injury situations. I obviously had no way of knowing Jay Cutler and Lance Briggs would be out. And I had no idea both defenses would be such colossal disappointments. Even so, my pick stays intact.

Cutler’s back-up, Josh McCown, has performed well in recent weeks. Armed with a 103.6 QBR and an arsenal of weapons including Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, and Alshon Jeffery, this Bears offense can keep up with anyone.

The deciding factor on Monday will be the weather and the home crowd. If this game was in Dallas it would be completely different story. Welcome to December, Cowboys. All I want for Christmas is for you to prove me wrong.

Prediction: Dallas 24 Chicago 27

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