Dec 9, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Dallas Cowboys free safety Barry Church (42) during the third quarter against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys D Betray Playoff Hopes but.... Hope Lingers

Betrayal is a tough word to throw out there but that’s exactly what happened Monday night. The defense, and I mean the entire defense, put up zero resistance. Nobody expects this defense to shut down every offensive team they face. What Cowboy nation can expect, and even demand, is to be able to stop a team on more times than they score. Nope. Not this Defense.

There are no excuses for this sorry bunch. When you have your top defensive lineman, your top linebacker, and your top cornerback, all healthy and starting, there are zero excuses for not stopping them occasionally.

I happened to catch a radio interview with Brandon Carr and he more or less said that the defensive backs were put in a situation that did not play to their strengths. Translation, they were forced to play zone coverage instead of man on man.

I actually buy that argument to a certain degree. These corners were drafted and paid to play man coverage. Where I don’t buy this excuse is when you cannot make a single stop during the game. So is it time to start putting together a draft board? Not just yet.

Let’s put this loss behind us and see where they Cowboys stand. They are 1 game behind the Eagles. Here are the different paths to the playoffs.

  • Win 3 in a row. This would automatically win you the division and a home playoff game.
  •  The Eagles go 1-1 before the finale  against the Cowboys and then lose to the Cowboys while Dallas only loses against the Packers the rest of the way
  • Win the next 2 games in a row and hope the Eagles lose 2 games before the final game. Regardless of the last game the Eagles, The Cowboys go the playoffs

Ya, I know its a  bit complicated but that’s what you get when you can’t stop a single drive by Chicago. You need to rely on the Cowboys playing amazing in December or hoping that the Eagles will falter.

For the record, I had this game as a loss in my preseason pick. When they Cowboys beat the Giants for  second time they made up for their early season loss to the Chargers. Everything other game has played out how I expected.

What is extremely interesting is if Washington decides to shelve RG3. If they do that, and the Cowboy pick up another division win, things start to look better. The key is the Eagles need to lose once more before they show up to AT&T Stadium or the Cowboy need to win out.

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