Nov 3, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys safety Jeff Heath (38) in action against the Minnesota Vikings at AT

Dallas Cowboys: No Excuse For This Offensive Defense

Sep 8, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware (94) in the three point stance prior to the snap of the ball against the New York Giants at AT

How in the World did this defense get so (bleeping) bad? I mean injuries happen, this defense had more key pieces missing last year than this year. There is just no excuse. This is not all Monte Kiffin’s fault but he has to be held responsible. I have never ever seen a defence this bad, EVER! Demarcus Ware had better be playing else-where next season and Jeff Heath should be bagging groceries.

It is very confusing that players like Heath continue to see the field when he has not done a single thing to earn it. He sucks. At least J.J. Wilcox showed some upside. Why Heath is playing over him is baffling. Brandon Carr has had a bad year as well as Barry Church. There is nobody besides Jason Hatcher picking up any slack on this Defense. D-line and Safety have to be adressed right off the hop.

I can’t really fathom what the conversations leading up to Kiffin being hired were like. We have man to man Corners and no Defensive linemen, lets bring in a zone scheme and a guy who has not had any real success in a long long time. Just does not make sense. The Cowboys chose a really pivotol time in their window of opportunity for such a drastic, dumb move.

It is kind of sad to see Kiffin go out like this, he doesnt have any answers and it doesnt seem like he even heard the question.

The Off-Season

This is going to be an extremely important off-season for the Cowboys. They have to decide if they want to cling to under-achievers like Demarcus Ware, Jason Witten and Miles Austin. If they do the right thing none of these guys will ever wear a star again. Kiffin and Callahan have no business coaching here again, that’s a fact. Jason Garrett should get one more year, I think he deserves it. Lastly, Dallas has to figure out what to do with this defense, and they must down-grade their over-valued Tight End position. They are a 3 WR-set team and that is that, no more wasted picks on TE’s for the love of God!!


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  • SK_Jersey13

    I definitely think the problem lies with the play calling on defense. You’re right that zone is not what we should be playing, at least not so often. I do think, though, that Carr and Church have had good years. Carr keeps opposing WRs in check almost every game, and Church has proven to be a solid Safety (though I think his skill set better fits a strong safety rather than a free safety). And Wilcox def. needs to see the field more over Heath. Maybe they’re trying to develop him slowly in prax since he’s new to the position, idk.

  • Juanito Juanito

    witten underachiever ?

    • Jake Wall

      Witten’s sole role hear is to catch 5 yard dump passes, he is the most un-athletic player I can remember. If it does not hit him between the numbers then he has no chance….

  • randy thiesen

    The first time I saw J. Heath blow a coverage and miss a tackle I had to go and look this guy up to see why he was playing because he was stinking up the joint bad. Either these scrubs are just bad or they are not understanding their schemes and coverages. They look like a mediocre college team sometimes. I said before the season started they would be no better than a .500 team and now that looks to be in danger. I love the Cowboys, but I am embarrassed.

  • StayGold

    C’mon, Witten is hardly an underachiever. He has dropped a few too many passes this year, but he is still worth whatever they are paying him.
    As for the defense, the Kiffen experiment has clearly failed. They have to put pressure on the qback, especially backups and second tier qbacks like McCown. If the front four can’t get to him, then they have to blitz. Knock a second string qback on his b*tt a few times and his accuracy will suffer. If they get hit with roughing the passer so what? We can’t stop big plays now dropping seven back. Even when Heath has the receiver covered more times than not the pass is still completed. I think Sean Lee has a brother who played college football 5 or 6 years ago, he would probably be better than half the guys on this defense.

  • ctcowboy1968

    Kiffin is awful. He scheme never fit the personnel drafted here. Past D drafts were for Rob’s scheme. For example press man to man CBs.
    Done with JG too. In fact, I was done with him five years ago. He is not a leader. No fire. Uninspiring. Unable to adjust.
    Heath and Webb are special teamers. Not ready for any position play. Wilcox should be the starting safety. Church has done a good job and is the team’s leading tackler.
    Ware and Austin should be traded. But how does that fit the cap situation? Teams will go for Ware, but probably not Austin. JJ will never let Ware go.
    There is no hope for this D until we draft stud DL. Also, Cailborne has been a bust since he never plays.

  • JoeDaBeast

    How can multi-Pro Bowlers be considered “underachievers”? This writer has lost ALL credibility with me.

    • Jake Wall

      Witten averages 4 yards a catch, Ware has stunk for the last 2 years. Do a little homework and you will figure er out…