Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys rcornerback Sterling Moore (26) returns an interception in the second quarter against Green Bay Packers receiver Jarrett Boykin (11) at AT

Dallas Cowboys Game Observations

In another epic collapse, the Dallas Cowboys showed once again exactly how disappointing they can be. But it’s not all bad news in this week’s game observations:

  • Why is Terrance Williams returning kicks? Not only is he not a natural returner but he’s too lanky to do it safely. There’s a reason short players typically return kicks. Williams stands out in a crowd, forming an easy target to the opposition. He’s clearly not comfortable as shown by his repeated fetal position tuck upon first impact.
  • Miles Austin was able to make a couple good receptions on Sunday but he really shouldn’t be playing. Austin is not 100% and will not be in Dallas next season. This is the perfect opportunity to play some of the young receivers more often and use Austin only in emergency.
  • I said it once, I’ll say it again: Kyle Wilber is the real deal back at LB. He has a future on this team and is the best LB after Sean Lee.
  • DeMarco Murray has had a great 2nd half to the season. He is thriving in the one cut running style synonymous with a zone blocking scheme like this. Speaking of ZBS…
  • The Cowboys Offensive Line is the best its been in years. They have embraced Bill Callahan’s ZBS and have successfully opened holes for Murray. They still are below average in pass-blocking but this is a step in the right direction.
  • OL is no longer the biggest need this offseason. It’s still a need so they cannot neglect it. The Cowboys will need to add an OG and RT in the mid-rounds of the upcoming draft to continue the progress. Building an O-line is something that’s nurtured every year by continually bringing in new talent.
  • The redzone play-calling has been poor all season. When 1st and goal inside the 8 yard line there should be a 75% tilt to the run. Odds are just in your favor at this point. But whether the run game has been successful or not, the Cowboys go to the pass inside the 10.
  • The only lift to this Cowboys defense was when they blitzed. Teams are charging down and scoring at will anyway. Why do the Cowboys blitz so rarely? Why did the Cowboys abandon the blitz in the second half after it was proving so successful?
  • Brandon Carr could have had two interceptions on Sunday. He failed to turn his head and he misplayed a ball. Carr couldn’t even cover Boykin.
  • Sterling Moore played well in the secondary and needs to be in the Cowboys long-term plans. He already showed better man cover skills than Scandrick, Carr, and Claiborne. Add in his versitality and this guy is a keeper.
  • DeMarco Murray had 77 yards on 7 carries at the end of the first quarter.
  • Murray had 93 yards on 11 carries at the half.
  • Why did the Cowboys abandon the run? Why did Romo repeatedly check to the pass? Mind boggling.
  • Dan Bailey may be the best kicker in the league and is certainly the best player on the Cowboys.
  • The Packers made adjustments in the 2nd half. The Cowboys did not. Embarrassing coaching situation in Dallas.
  • The Cowboys receivers take plays off when they are not the primary target. This cannot be tolerated.

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