Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy (27) dives into the end zone for the go ahead fourth quarter touchdown against the Dallas Cowboys at AT

Who Deserves The Blame? Dallas Cowboys Fail Again

Before we start to hear the “It’s all Romo’s fault” stuff again, let’s look at who this is really on. First Jason Garrett might be the worst coach at half-time adjustments, why get away from the run? Second, this defense is not only terrible, but they might have stepped into a whole new realm that we will call terribadful.

Lastly, who is calling plays for this team, a pop warner coach? Sure, Tony Romo threw two picks at the end, but why was he even in the position to have to throw or check out of the run? Jason Garrett, the defense, and the play calling would be the answer.

Now Romo deserves blame on the first pick, that was a questionable throw. The second pick was on Coale Beasley, I have no idea what route he was running. But let’s all settle down before the Romo bashing starts – although in Dallas he has already become the scapegoat. In reality Jason Garrett should get almost all of the blame.

Jason Garrett is a really bad coach. After half, I was wondering why they got away from the run game. Why they weren’t adjusting to the Packers offense and why they started playing safe on defense again instead of being aggressive. Jason Garrett needs to go at the end of the season, period.

I am not going to do a five reasons this article, I am too in shock, too angry, and too disappointed. At half I turned to my girlfriend and said the Cowboys will lose. You can’t leave so many points on the field. Sadly, they left a ton of points out there. You would expect Dallas to come out at half and keep their foot on the pedal and at least keep controlling the clock and at a minimum kicking field goals. That wasn’t the case. The play calling changed to pass, pass, pass. When the run game was working so well, getting away from it is just dumb. But that is what this coaching staff is, dumb.

This offseason win or lose will come with a ton of questions. I for one think it is time for Jason Garrett and the whole coaching staff needs to go. Most of the defensive side of the ball needs to be let go. While I am wishing for things, Jerry Jones needs to go or at least get a real general manager. How is that best work as a GM thing working out for you Jerry?

Song of the game is The Cardigans – Losers, because that is what this team is, the coaching staff is, it is time for change. You do not lose games like this and expect the fans to react well.

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