Oct 27, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones prior to the game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Why The Dallas Cowboys Are Disappointing

There are two words why the Dallas Cowboys are so disappointing, Jerry Jones. If we look at the good times of the Dallas Cowboys since Jerry took over we have to look at Jimmy Johnson and even Bill Parcells. The thing with both of these coaches is they had control of the draft, players, free agents, scheme, staff, and even what they eat for lunch. Jerry Jones ruined both tenures as he wanted to exert more control, and has recently stated he would never hire a coach that wants that much control again. Which is probably why John Gruden is looking at becoming the Texas coach and not the Cowboys coach. Just look it up on NFL.com.

The problems all start with Jerry Jones. His ego controls this team, not the people he has in place. Look at the past few drafts, so many head-scratchers with injury plagued players, small schools, and so many TEs, the whole thing is just confusing. Our starting D backfield is made up of almost all small school players, no wonder they struggle against the talent of the NFL. While we have a scouting department, we all know who makes the decisions. Yup, again it is Jerry Jones.

Jerry has said he is doing his best work as a GM and today said that he wouldn’t hire a GM, as all they do is hire and fire people. Jerry is the one who pays them so he thinks he should just be the GM. That is one of the major issues – a GM evaluates the player, how they fit into the scheme, cap, chemistry, and confers with coaches. Jerry doesn’t seem to care about these things.

Until Jerry Jones either steps down or allows his staff to do their jobs, this team will continue to disappoint. This isn’t about how the players play on the field, it is about how they are being told to play and who will play. Jerry Jones is the biggest problem for the Dallas Cowboys. He doesn’t even realize that this is all on his head.

So while I agree with the Twitter trend of #FireGarrett, there needs to be a #FireJerryJones as well. So many people have been writing about the problems with Garrett, Kiffin, Romo, and everyone else but it all starts and ends with Jerry Jones. Everyone else in the middle is caught there until there is real change.


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  • Old Frog

    Well good luck with that because as has been said a million times in a million different ways, Jerry ain’t going anywhere. He loves being the GM more than he loves winning. I honestly believe if you gave him the choice of disappearing for a a few years and guaranteed him of winning a Super Bowl or being the GM and going 8-8, he would still choose being the GM.

    • Earl Robertson

      You got that right! And that is why it is easy for me now to say I’m done who wants to be a fan of a team that has as it leader Jerry Jones?

  • n0ble

    Yea, we can all dream. At some point Jerry will have to step down or he will no longer be owner. I wish he would see the folly of his ways. But sadly this just isn’t the case.

  • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

    What the article has pointed out is what I have been posting on websites for years now. Nobody and I mean absolutely nobody will be able to accurately judge how well the coaches or players are doing with Jerry Jones at the helm. Yet we will continue to hear unfair negatives about coaches and players from writers and fans who don’t want to or are too uninformed to say that Jones is the problem. Thanks for writing this article Daniel. The more people hear the truth the more fans will be informed about what the real problem is with the Cowboys.

    • n0ble

      My pleasure. It has been something I have been saying for a while myself. But recent comments fro Jerry and the stupid losses we have had in the last few weeks made me sit down and write this article.

    • Jeff Tips

      You and n0ble are awesome. Just want you guys to know this. Finally there are realist individuals who aren’t afraid to point out the REAL issues of this franchise. Its not Garrett, its wasn’t Parcels, Johnson, etc. The problem has ALWAYS layed with Jones. It annoys me that people are to blind to acknowledge this simple fact.

  • Jeff Tips

    Bravo!!!!!!!!!! So there are others that feel the way I do since 1995???????