Oct 13, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive end Kyle Wilber (51) celebrates a fourth quarter fumble recovery against Washington Redskins at AT

Dallas Cowboys Have To Win This "Super Bowl"

Make no mistake, this is the Washington Redskins’ Super Bowl. If they can take Dallas out of the playoffs they will smile all the way into the off-season. After the heart-wrenching losses of the last few weeks, Dallas still controls its playoff destiny. While there are many out there hoping  Jason Garrett is gone after this season, there are still at least two more games left. Dallas wins both, they are in the playoffs.

This week should be a totally different type of game than the last time these two met. RGIII is done for the rest of the season and Kirk Cousins has stepped in at quarterback. While everyone is cheering at the 381 passing yards and 3 TDs last week by Cousins there are a few things that many are overlooking. First, they lost to the Falcons, perhaps the worst team in the NFL this year. Second, Cousins threw 2 INTs, and his rating is only a 70.6 this year. Lastly, he isn’t the runner RGIII is. Now I am not saying the Cowboys are a very good defense, but it does show Cousins isn’t as accurate as his numbers show.

So what can the Cowboys do to beat the Redskins to force a “playoff” game next week against Philly? Here are the things I see Dallas has to do to win:

1. Run the ball. DeMarco Murray is the RB we thought he could be, it is just a shame Jason Garrett has an affliction that causes him to get away from the run in the second half of games.

2. Force Cousins to make mistakes. We all know the lack of pass rush Dallas is suffering from. Blitzing Cousins and disguising the defense should cause mistakes, and force turnovers.

3. Adjust! I have been harping on Twitter and even here that Jason Garrett might be the worst coach in the league at half-time adjustments. It is painful to watch the playcalling never adjust to anything the other team is doing on both offense and defense.

4. Play with fire and heart. This team just never seems to step up when it matters. The only people I have seen with that competitive fire this whole season is Dez Bryant, Tony Romo, Jason Witten, and at times DeMarcus Ware. Everyone has to play like this is their Super Bowl.

5. Pickup up the blitz on 3rd down. I am not sure if you all have seen it, but go back and look at this season, Dallas’ offense is in a key 3rd down and Tony Romo gets sacked. While this OL has been pretty good they are just not doing well at blitz pickup on 3rd downs. It is really frustrating.

So there it is. If Dallas can do this they can win the game and force a win and in against Philly. So this week’s song is quite fitting, it is D-12 – Fight Music. Because this is what the Cowboys must do to win, fight.

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