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If Jerry Jones is the Problem, What Can We Do?

It seems around this time every year Jerry Jones become the primary target of countless disheartened Cowboys fans. And why shouldn’t he? After all, he is the man in charge. He’s the big kid playing his real-life version of Madden NFL 2014. He’s the final say on all personnel issues – players and coaches. He deserves the blame, right?

Hell yes he does. But what can we do about it? Should we call radio shows and blast him? Sure. Should we write articles, post in fan forums, and generally just “go cry it on the mountain”? Yes, that too.  But all of this has already been done. It’s been going on for the past 15+ years in fact. And it’s accomplished absolutely nothing.

Ok, the constant complaining possibly had a hand in the Parcells hiring but that’s about it. After Jerry’s short-lived experiment with a marquee coach, Jerry quickly reverted back to his old ways. So I ask,

If Jerry’s the problem, what can we do? Sport DFW reader and published author Jeff Stevenson had this to say,

I lay the blame for the state of the Cowboys at the feet of their self-declared GM Jerry Jones.  Jerry’s football acumen has to be called in to question, and his ego and arrogance have rendered him unable to manage the team effectively (if the goal is to win games, and to be a championship contender).
SO….I am declaring war on Jerry Jones.  I am making it my life’s work to bring him down, and restore our Cowboys to greatness.  See www.JustFixItJerry.com.   My book is titled “Mediocrity in Dallas – Jerry Jones Cowboys”.

I intend to build a following with my book, and to use that following to create a public sentiment against Jones, for his outright refusal to hire a competent GM, or a Player Personnel Director, who could advise the club on drafting and developing new players.
Once the following is achieved, the proclamation will be made to stop buying Cowboy tickets in protest of Jones obstinacy.  If the stadium is only 70% full rather than being sold out, Jones “will” may be weakened, because the one thing Jerry does understand is cash flow!  Then maybe we will get our GM.

The truth is, Jeff is right. Money Talks. It’s the only talking Jerry Jones can really hear. Jerry is perhaps the most thick-skinned person on the face of this earth. Your and my insults roll right off his back. He hears them, he just doesn’t care.

Is Jeff’s boycott solution the answer? Is it the only way to change things in Dallas? Maybe. Maybe not. It’s at least an idea, which is more than I hear from most people. What do you think? I’d love to hear from you Cowboy Nation. How do we fix the situation here in Big D?

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