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Dallas Play Makers Do Everything Except Win


This is a hard game for me to accept.  Let me explain. I believe that stars have to be stars in big games. These Cowboy play makers did just that. Jason Witten, Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray all produced when it counted.

It just wasn’t enough.

Well, lets jump in. I am the first to admit that I was super impressed with the Cowboys defensive effort. They had a great game plan installed to contain the Eagles running game.

The defensive ends set the edge and held their ground. They funneled everything to the middle where the linebackers took care of business.

The Cowboys defense had their best performance in weeks. Special teams produced points when asked.

Kyle Orton did everything you could ask. He moved the ball, made big throws, and kept this game within 2 scores. He put his team in a position to win the game but made the ultimate mistake at the worst time.

Every big player on this team made plays. I still believe the coaching decisions on 3rd and 2 yards or less are atrocious. The Cowboys never run in that situation. I just can’t fathom why you wouldn’t give DeMarco Murray the ball.

He was physical all game long. He could have bulled his way for 2 yards but this team does not believe in its ability to run the ball, even when its successful.

So where does it leave Cowboy nation?

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys is devastated. Jerry Jones the salesman is quietly fine with it. Jones wants Jason Garrett to succeed. When the Cowboys lost to Green Bay, Jones had to start making plans to have another credibility hire like he had to do with Parcells.

Then came the Redskins game.

Jones the marketing guy was ecstatic when Romo dug deep and brought his team back in the most dramatic fashion against the Redskins. That win gave Jerry Jones his bridge to next year. It is the little bit of hope that Jones needs to spin this year as not a failure.

That is the key.

The Cowboys do not need to be winners, they just need to avoid being losers. On top of all of that, Romo is not being blamed. His last game was a gladiator performance. That is all Jones needs.

His quarterback is off the hook, his coach is off the hook and Jerry Jones just hooked you again for next year.

I have enjoyed sharing my views with all of you. Thank you sharing your thoughts, feelings and suggestions. I hope to be able to do this next year.

I leave you with this quote

“As fans you can only demand that your home team have a shot at the playoffs” -Dale Hansen

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