Dec 22, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) talks with Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett (R) during a timeout against the Washington Redskins in the fourth quarter at FedEx Field. The Cowboys won 24-23. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Why Jerry Jones Is a Bad Business Man

Well I guess we all have our answer, Jason Garrett returns for another season. While I, like many fans, think this means we are stuck with another 8-8 season, the bigger question is why keep Garrett. The scary thing is what Jerry Jones has said recently. It shows it doesn’t matter who is the coach of the team, it is all about the owner. It might be time for Stephen to step in and take the team from dad.

A few days ago Jerry Jones said he didn’t want to give up on Jason Garrett because they have taught him so much. Read that again, taught him so much. Why on Earth do the Dallas Cowboys, or any team, have a head coach that has to be taught how to coach? Jerry Jones is the answer. We have covered how bad he is as a GM and how his ego will never allow for the needed changes. What amazes me is the complete lack of understanding of simple business by such a shrewd business man.

Looking at any good business or even the military, the CEO or commander makes decisions based on best courses of action. He allows the people below him to manage and compile the necessary data and present it to him in order to make the best decision for the best outcome. While there is some outside things that go into the thought such as stock prices, reviews, promotions, or any other personal gain issues, he is open to all possibilities brought to him. The big problem with Jerry is he dictates all courses of action and does not allow those he has in place any say. The core idea is you never see the CEO in the factory watching the foreman do his job, much less teaching him his job. He simply trusts the person in that position knows how to do the job. Which brings us to the big AH HA! What other company do you know hires an upper level manager who has to be taught the job? None. Where is the business sense, where is the accountability, where is the business savvy? It is mind blowing.

Jerry Jones for all of his business prowess has shown he is too far removed from actually understanding anything below his level. It has been far too long for him since he got his hands dirty. Everyone around him is either afraid to say something to him, or are yes men, so there is no one to say negative things to him.

It is time for Stephen Jones to realize his father is no longer capable of leading an NFL team. An intervention needs to happen, and the Jones family has to step in and tell Jerry it is time to retire. Any other business would have the executive board, stock-holders, or VPs step in and have the incapable leader removed, retired, and would move on. The time has come and the clock is ticking.

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