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Scouting Report: Khalil Mack

With the offseason underway, it is draft/free agency season. In this segment, “Scouting Report”, I will be posting scouting reports of who I believe the Cowboys should covet in the 2014 NFL Draft. Stay tuned daily, as I will be writing a few per day.


Khalil Mack has made a ton of noise coming out of a small football school in Buffalo. The hybrid defensive end is a special player, who is said to be the “surest thing in the 2014 NFL Draft, according to Daniel Jeremiah. Mack had his coming-out party against Ohio State earlier in the year when he had 9 total tackles, 2.5 sacks, and an interception that was returned for a touchdown.


- 6-3, 248 pounds

- 4.54 40-yard dash


- Holds the NCAA record for 16 forced fumbles

- He is tied for most tackles for loss with 75

- 28.5 sacks in college football career


- Extremely athletic

- Great speed

- Great burst off the ball

- Covers well

- Great off the edge

- Versatile

- Extremely discipline

- Reads the offense well

- Major ballhawk, had three interceptions for Buffalo—->> two have been returned for a touchdown


- No clear position

- Plays against MAC competition

- Needs to get stronger

- Can over-pursue at times

The Fit

Again, with the news of Tampa Bay & Dallas maybe swapping first round picks, Khalil Mack may be a realistic option for the Cowboys. Under Dallas’ employment of their 4-3, they are missing a pass rusher off the end. By drafting Mack, Cowboys fans will be getting a player who could make an impact similar to Von Miller’s in Denver. Despite the competition he plays against, I have no reason to believe Mack will not be a stud at the next level.

Scout Grade: 92/100

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  • Jimmy DeMarco

    I saw the highlights of the OSU game, he’s a monster. If we can get that swap pick with Tampa… We’ll have our choice of an instant impact player. And then we should be able to get another in the 2nd round.

    • Ryan Ratty

      Thanks for the comment, as always Jimmy. Trading up will give Dallas a wider variety to choose from. Real excited for this upcoming draft!

      • Jimmy DeMarco

        Me too.
        And I’m interested to see if Frazier gets hired as DC.
        I’m presuming we’re staying with the Tampa 2.

        • Ryan Ratty

          Doubt, we switch back now. If Kiffin and Marinelli leave, Frazier is the guy.

          • Jimmy DeMarco

            That’s what I figured.
            I thought there would be a possibility of maybe Narduzzi from Michigan state or Bedford from Louisville coming in. Try to bring that Fresher, younger outlook with some young defensive players coming in.
            Probably no chance though.

          • Ryan Ratty

            I believe that you do not bring DEFENSIVE coordinators to the league. But, you bring OFFENSIVE coordinators to the league because they have the keys to the future on offense. Plus, I doubt Narduzzi leaves his friend Dantonio at MSU.