Will Johnny Manziel be a Dallas Cowboy: 3 Burning Questions Part 3

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Dec 31, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Texas A

Today Sport DFW is discussing Johnny Manziel and his pending impact in the NFL – and potentially the Cowboys. This is the final segment of Three Burning Questions on Johnny Manziel that will be addressed today. Joining me in the conversation is Texas A&M expert and Sport DFW Staff Writer, Justin Thomas.

Burning Question 1 

 Should the Cowboys try to draft Johnny Manziel even if it involves moving up?

Justin Thomas: Not unless someone offers to take Tony Romo’s contract and offer up a 1st round pick this year and next.
Reid Hanson: Exactly. Manziel will go early (probably top 5) and the Cowboys would have to give up way too much for top-5 pick. Keep in mind, Romo’s contract extension is just beginning in 2014 so he is untradeable unless the Cowboys are willing and able to absorb a $50M+ hit to the cap. The Cowboys will be drafting a QB in this year’s draft, but it won’t be with their first pick, and it won’t be  Johnny Manziel.

Burning Question 2 

What is the ideal situation for Johnny Manziel and will his off the field drama be an issue for him in the NFL?

Justin Thomas: I actually think Houston would be a great landing spot for Manziel if they back out of the #1 spot. He has a big target in Andre Johnson and a stout defense when they are healthy. Don’t be surprised if Oakland drafts him. In that atmosphere he would be legendary if he succeeded. The problem is wherever he goes, he will need to stay away from all the trappings of an NFL player or it wont work.

Dec 31, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Texas A

Reid Hanson:I think Jacksonville at #3 would be an ideal spot for Manziel. Gus Bradley in Jacksonville is a defensive guru but the need at QB trumps his desires on defense. I am currently projecting Clowney to go #2 making Manziel the choice for the Jags.

The Jags are terrible but Manziel could make a huge difference in his first season. He has weapons all around him and fanbase that begs for inspiration. This is a fantastic marketing pick and good fit on offense.
By the way: The Cowboys would be a terrible fit for Johnny Manziel, the Dallas Cowboys, the salary cap, and all of us.
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