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Would the Dallas Cowboys Even Use a Read Option/Running QB


Dec 31, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Texas A

There is still more clamoring for the Dallas Cowboys to try to get Johnny Manziel. While I seem to be fairly alone in the camp that the Cowboys need to stay as far away as possible from him for many reasons such as: too small, not a big enough arm, drinking issues, poor defensive recognition, and slow progression of WR reads. I will instead talk about whether the Dallas Cowboys would even use a run option or running QB at all. After this season, seeing how little they used the run game, my guess would be no. But beyond that, there are several reasons that have led me to feel this way.

First, Dallas was 31st in rushing attempts and 24th in yards this season and 31st and 31st the season before. This would show that Dallas really didn’t run the ball that much this season, or last season. Yeah, I know, everyone knows that. But it shows the lack of desire to run the ball, and unless there is a drastic change in playcalling, the Cowboys look like they would not utilize a running QB the way many would want. Heck, they barely use the RBs they have.

Second, most running QBs once they hit the NFL change over a few seasons to throw a lot more than they did as rookies. The reason for this is NFL defenses are quick to figure out new schemes. Another reason is the speed of NFL defensive players is a lot faster than anyone in the NCAA. These two things lead to the assumption that to have a running QB, they would still look for one that can make all of the normal throws and still have a strong arm. This is not even looking at the injuries or potential of injuries.

Lastly, there is Jerry Jones. I know Jerry likes to make a splash and have electric players. I just don’t see Jerry wanting to bring in new school style players. He is a traditionalist when it comes to his decisions. He seems to look at the past when the Dallas Cowboys were on top of the NFL world, and try to rebuild teams in those models. While he is quick to bring in a flashy WR or RB, he doesn’t seem to like the flash and dash of QBs. He tends to pick them up as UDFAs.

There are a lot of reasons why a running QB isn’t as successful in the NFL as they are in the NCAA. Regardless of what anyone thinks about them, the current leadership of the Dallas Cowboys don’t have this team built, or seemingly have the desire to build it, around a running QB. In the future it is quite possible that these things change, for now we as fans have to sit by and watch this team be built the way the owner and coaches want it built. Agree or not, it is the way it is. I do think there needs to be a young QB on this team, I am just not sure any running QB is the answer, and by the looks of it neither do the Dallas Cowboys.

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