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Defense Really Does Win Championships

Just when everyone thought there would be this shootout between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning the Denver defense reminded everyone they are still playing. At the same time as everyone thought it would come down to Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson making a huge play with their legs to decide the game, Seattle’s secondary reminded everyone they were still the best in the league. Dallas Cowboy fans know exactly how 49er fans are feeling today watching their QB throw an interception to end the game. Funny how many Cowboy fans want a QB like Kaepernick, I wonder if some of that has changed today.

Watching the games it was evident that the pressure on the QB’s was dictating the outcome of the games. Sure, there was some really flashing secondary play, but it all started up front. It keeps the old mantra that defense wins championships. So why am I bringing this up? It shows the main problem with the Dallas Cowboys.

While there are many screaming to get some flashy rookie QB, another WR, and even OL help in the first round, I will take a quote from comedian John Pinette, “I say nay, nay!” This team has a glaring need on defense. There really shouldn’t even be an argument. Just watch the games yesterday over again if you think it should be anything else. When you can’t even get one punt in a game, ONE, it is not on the fault of the offense. And let’s be honest, it looked like Colin Kaepernick could throw an interception when the game is on the line, just like Kyle Orton did, or as many point out every week about Tony Romo.

This week is the Senior Bowl, and I am sure there are scouts from every team looking for the next guy. If the Dallas Cowboys are not trying to figure out who the next guys on defense are, they have failed themselves and this team. I am sure we will get an offensive player or two, in fact they need to. I would pay attention to the Senior Bowl and the Combine, the next DL and S are probably going to be in one or both.

Well, if we want to win another championship, there has to be.

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  • SmartThinking

    I disagree with your statement that ‘ there really shouldn’t even be an argument, ‘ re: Dallas drafting defensive players first. In fact, I don’t buy your statement that defense wins games either. So, in my book, you’re wrong twice.

    The truth is, offense wins games. Defense protects the win. I urge you to remind me of one game Dallas played this past season where defense won the game?

    I can make a very strong case, based on this past season’s offensive pass protection, why Dallas should draft a giant, quick, mean- spirited guard with their first or second draft choice. There are a couple of real studs out there well within Dallas’ reach that are true game- changers much the way Brian Waters was until he got hurt.

    After they cement the effectiveness of their offensive line, then Dallas should go defensive line.

    Dallas finished 8-8 this past season and nearly represented the division with the worst defense in the game. Had the offensive line been better, the team might have pulled that last game off and gone to the post season. Defense sure didn’t help!

    Furthermore, I can assure you, based on their play, one, or possibly even two defensive linemen wouldn’t have made much difference in the performance of the defense. They had 20 guys play the defensive line, some former draft picks from other teams, and they still couldn’t tackle my mother.

    We can argue theory all day long if you want but the truth is, fixing the defense without first fixing the offensive line is nothing more than a recipe for more mediocrity from a team that has consistently over the years managed to turn mediocrity into an art form.

    • n0ble

      I would say the defense won the first game in Philly, the game against Washington in October, and the first game of the year. While I think the Cowboys should get a guard in this draft, I do not think it is worthy of a first round pick. I also think that the pressure on your offense can be minimalized with a good defense. Now, I will say running the ball helps, but that is something Dallas has not done for a while now. At least not with regularity. If you watched the end of the Seahawks-49er game, you and I both know that play is not going to happen if Dallas were on defense. Do we need a DT/DE? Sure we do, but we also need to upgrade the safety position as well. If they can get a good G in FA, which are fairly cheap, then this offensive line should be really good. Remember this team has one of the higest ranked offensesin the league. But to say that a first round pick should be on offense is like not talking about the elephant in the room. I see what you are saying, I just disagree that because one or two players wouldn’t have changed much, considering that it can’t get worse than what we saw this season.

      • SmartThinking

        The first NY game, NY had 427 yd. for the game. Defense left the building. Maybe Phil. sorta. I’ll argue the first WASH game.

        If running the ball helps, as you indicate, wouldn’t it be better to have an offensive line that can open holes and provide more room for the backs? That was surely the case when Waters was at guard. The very game when he went down, so did run production as well as pass protection… for the remainder of the season.

        The only thing that saved this offense at all was Murray’s decision to run through anything, mostly off left tackle, and Callahan’s zone blocking system, which made a difference towards the end of the season.

        A killer guard, in conjunction with Free, and Frederick would open Grand Canyon sized holes for Murray and give Romo an hour to find an open man.

        Defense didn’t do one thing to make the offense’s job any easier. Proof is their dead last position in the entire league. If anything, the offense carried the team the entire season with worse field position and less opportunities. That they scored more points and had a 1,000 yd rusher had less to do with the defense’s giving them field position and more to do with Murray and Romo carrying the entire team, even tough both were hurt.

        • n0ble

          I can’t disagree more. First, you implying the Cowboys will run more with a guard, this team has been in the bottom 5 of rushing attempts for a few seasons now. Bolstering the offense and ignoring the defense is like saying because my brakes are so bad I will get new tires. There is no way this team will be able to score 40 points every game. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away. While we do need a G or 2 doesn’t mean it is worth the first round pick with so many problems on the defensive side of the ball. You can get a quality guard in the 3rd or 4th round that could easily be an upgrade.

          This is all assuming the Cowboys want to run the ball more AND feel that their defense is so far gone they will allow the same things that happened this season to continue to happen. Defense HOLDS other offenses so that your offense doesn’t have to try to score 40 points a game. Not fixing it even with one or 2 upgrades is shortsighted and flat out not smart. One guard will not improve a top 5 offense as much as upgrades on the defense.

          • SmartThinking

            One quality guard will fix the offense for the next decade. Any GM worth his salt will tell you to fix the things that are broken the least. That way you don’t have mediocrity, or parity if you’re an optimist, on both sides of the ball.

            Murray’s 1,000 yards indicates to me that this team plans to run more. The media harps on the run and most of the people on this site continually rant about wanting more running plays. So, yeah, I want the team to run more, too. And a quality pulling guard, which this team does not have, who enjoys tearing the heads off penetrating defensive tackles and who likes to joust with defensive ends is something this team hasn’t had since Rayfield Wright.

            What else? Okay. Scoring 40 points a game: well, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle and New England pretty much got where they are this past season by scoring the hell out of every game they could. Denver, in particular, scored more points per game because, like Dallas, their defense couldn’t keep up with Manning and they needed beaucoup points to win their games. Dallas’s defense is so poor at their jobs, they, indeed, do need a 40 points per game offensive output just to stay even or get ahead. The defense won’t win any games for this team.

            Yes. Not fixing the defense is shortsighted. I agree. But, taking a killer guard, and there are two of them out of all the players in the draft, who will be available for Dallas in the first round, and possibly round two, ( Dallas at 16/17 and 48) takes precedence, in my opinion. Then spend their number 2, 3, 4, 5 and three 7′s on defense.

            Incidentally, Dallas’ draft order is favorable this year. They draft at numbers 16/17; 48; 79; 110; 147; 207; 210; and 215.

            The defense ran through 20 defensive linemen this past season. Some were high draft choices for other teams and they still failed. If Dallas can’t upgrade from those guys with the 48th best player, etc., etc. then all is lost anyway.

            And finally, Dallas’s 2014 schedule is so tough, I currently project them to finish at 6-10. If the team fixes its offensive line and they run or pass better and score significantly more points, maybe, just maybe, they can get to 7-9. Frankly, 8-8, to me, looks like a goal they won’t achieve.

            But, hey, all this stuff is academic. Jones is going to screw it up and leave us all with bellyaches anyway. Making the best choices just isn’t in his DNA.

          • n0ble

            I can’t, just can’t, turn a blind eye to the defense in favor of getting an upgrade that can be found in later rounds. Just because Murray ran over 1000 yards doesn’t mean they are committing to the run it means he did more with the runs he was given. In fact they had fewer rushing attempts this year then they did last year. I agree that next year the schedule looks difficult right now. I just don’t think they can hope to pile on points just by adding a guard. If that were really the case then they would have tried to pile on this year based on how bad the defense was, and it was something they couldn’t do, or the defense failed them and allowed more than the other team. And please don’t tell me one guard would have changed all of that, I don’t think any guard in the NFL is worth 7-10 points for their team. I would rather see defense first two rounds, a guard in the 3rd, more defense, and throw in a QB in the 5th – 7th. I can agree to disagree since it is obvious neither of us will budge. But I would be shocked if they went anywhere near offense in the first round and maybe even second.

          • SmartThinking

            You expect too much from players and coaches who are woefully unable to achieve. Testament to that statement is Dallas’ 8-8 finishes x3 fully accountable to this team’s wretched defenses. Draft after draft and it still hasn’t improved, only worsened.

            Offense wins games, consistently, over and over. Build so strong an offense no one can keep up. Like the Chuck Noll Steelers: ‘Here’s what we’re going to do. Try and beat it.’

            Pulling guards are a very rare breed. Mean pulling guards, even rarer. The later round OG picks are maudlin at best and won’t be any better than Bernadeau, and that’s unacceptable. He’s just may be the weakest link on the team if you play the game cerebrally.

            Anyway. You’ll get your wish. Jones drafts for mediocrity. There’s not one stand out area on the team. My final word: and drafting a couple of defensive linemen aren’t going to make this Dallas team any better than 8-8 at best this next season when drafting a stud OG just might.

            I’ll make book on that statement.

            Enough said. Back to reality.

          • JoeDaBeast

            I wonder how well the team you’re running is doing, oh that’s right, you’re just a long-winded person who is smart in his own mind. Let us know when you bankroll your decisions on the field.

    • RM

      Not to smart u r. Cowboys defense lost 5 COUNT THEM, 5 games for us this year alone. Throws ur so call theroy out the window…………….

      • SmartThinking

        You’ve made my point for me. The defense took no games away from anyone to win anything outright this past season. They may have stopped a couple of teams but not clear defensive takeaways that resulted in defensive touchdowns and victories.

        They won’t be any better next season either. All the more reason for fixing the offense so the team can score as many points as possible before the defense loses the game for the team….like the last three seasons.

        My argument stands. Yours doesn’t.

        As for your first sentence, well, time will tell.