Dallas Cowboys: Where Do The Cowboys Go Wrong In The NFL Draft?

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In the past few years, the Dallas Cowboys have drafted some key players for the future. Guys like Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, Terrance Williams, and Travis Frederick are just a few. But, the Cowboys have missed significantly on others. In fact, the Cowboys do not have anyone from their 2009 draft on this team. In this article, let’s take a look at how the Cowboys have drafted the past few years.

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In 2013, the Cowboys had the chance to select top-rated defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd with the #18 pick. In retrospect, this pick could have been a perfect match. This is because the Cowboys are in the market for a defensive tackle just a little less than a year later. Instead of selecting Floyd, Jerry Jones traded back to the 31st selection and drafted Travis Frederick. While it was nice to pick up an extra third round pick, I will be the first to say I had no idea who Travis Frederick was. In fact, I didn’t even scout him last year.

Many others did not like the Frederick pick, but he turned out to be the best rookie from this draft class.

After this selection, the Cowboys continued to draft more offense. In the second round, they selected Gavin Escobar. And in the third round, they selected Terrance Williams with their first selection in that round. Escobar was a complete bust this year. But, you cannot grade a rookie’s performance after just one season. With the signing of tight ends coach Mike Pope, I fully expect Escobar to have a much-larger role in 2014.

Terrance Williams was a really good pick for the Cowboys. He had his problems coming out of Baylor though. He was a body-catcher, and he did not have a route tree at Baylor. But, he made Miles Austin moveable with his play in 2013.

The Cowboys rounded out their draft by selecting J.J. Wilcox, B.W. Webb, Joseph Randle, and DeVonte Holloman. While Wilcox played really well in the beginning of the season, his season tailed for the worst after he sustained a head injury earlier in the year. Webb did not show much in his first year in Dallas. But, there is a reason why Garrett wanted him. Randle’s future in Dallas does not look so bright, after the Cowboys caught significant production from Lance Dunbar as their #2 back. The selection of Holloman was an absolute great pick. He displayed amazing athleticism for a strong-side linebacker.

I grade this draft around a C-. The Dallas Cowboys got some really good contributors. But, they also missed big-time on Webb and Randle.

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