Do You Want More Olympic Coverage?

The question at hand is, “Should Sport DFW Offer Olympic Coverage?”

Sport DFW readers, Let us need to hear from you! With the Olympics now in full swing are you interested in more coverage? Late Friday night we had two emails from readers asking about it so let’s open the discussion up for all.

Rick from Hurst asks,

Are you planning to do any coverage on the Olympics? My job schedule doesn’t let me watch much but I wouldn’t mind reading about it. I have a lot of free time at work and usually just read on my phone.

and DKraz asks,

Are you going to cover Olympic hockey? I’m pretty sure there are Dallas Stars players playing in the Olympics. Also, are there any other good sports to follow or is hockey it?

Well Rick and DKraz, it was always my full intention to cover the Olympic Hockey Team but I wasn’t necessarily planning to do anything else. I’d be interested to know if there is a demand for such coverage first of all.

The Hockey should be great. Nothing beats Olympic Hockey! Our coverage on that should start Tuesday 2/11.  And yes, there are Dallas Stars participating too. We plan to follow it all. But you all raise interesting ideas of expanding the overall coverage.

Sound off!

Do you want more Olympic coverage? If so, is there something specific that you’re interested in? Let us know below in the comments or send me an email directly at [email protected]

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