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Quiet Trade Deadline Good for the Dallas Mavericks

At this time last year, the only “splash” the Dallas Mavericks made at the NBA’s annual trade deadline was flipping Dahntay Jones to the Atlanta Hawks for Anthony Morrow.

The Mavs were even more quiet this year. In fact, they seemed to be dead silent as they decided to stand pat and role into the stretch run of the season with the roster they already have.  There were a few rumors that were seen involving the Mavs including showing interest in Luol Deng and trying to put together a package for Kevin Love (yeah, right). But as the dust settled on Thursday, the Mavs came out with the same team and that’s not a bad thing.

When I look at the current roster for the Mavericks, the obvious glaring need is at the center position. Frankly, there wasn’t much out there for the Mavs to get that would improve them at that position, so why try and make a deal for something that’s not there? Mark Cuban and the Mavs’ front office have always preached about being opportunistic. If the right deal is on the table and they think it would help the team, they’ll pull the trigger.

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The Mavs have lacked trade assets, so making an impact deal was unlikely. It doesn’t make sense to part with a young player like Shane Larkin or a draft pick when there’s no return. The only real asset that the Mavs have is Shawn Marion‘s expiring contract and there was no reason to trade him unless the return was considerable, like Deng.

We can’t forget that the Mavs are also still trying to keep their cap space going into this summer, so any deal that Dallas made would probably have to be for an expiring contract. That’s why the Deng rumor made some sense, but there’s no guarantee that Deng would have re-signed with Dallas this summer in free agency. It didn’t seem like there were any other players with expiring contracts that the Mavs could try and make a run at, and it wouldn’t make sense for the Mavs to take on more salary when they still want to position themselves to make a run at someone this summer.

Even if the Mavs made a trade, I really don’t see anything they could have done that would have made them a contender for a championship this year. Plus, this Mavs team seems to be clicking and have some semblance of chemistry. Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis have played outstanding basketball together and the Mavs bench has been one of the best in the league since the return of Devin Harris. Unless there was a trade on the table that magically turned the Mavs into championship contender, or at least made them significantly better, there was no reason to do anything.

Not only did the Mavs not do anything, but the other teams that Dallas is fighting with for one of the playoff spots in the Western Conference didn’t do anything either. The Golden State Warriors are rolling with what they have, the Phoenix Suns stood pat and while the Memphis Grizzlies tried to make a move they too kept quiet. The Mavs will go into the last quarter of the season with what they had going into the beginning, and that isn’t necessarily bad.

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