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Could/Should the Dallas Cowboys Trade Tony Romo?

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Tony Romo is unquestionably the best QB the Dallas Cowboys have had since Troy Aikman. At this pace though, it looks like Romo will end up only as the 4th best in franchise history. The numbers he has put up, and the future records he could break, will mean nothing to the fans of this team in the end. Romo must win a championship to silence the critics. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be a realistic possibility with this team.  So why not trade Romo in hopes of getting a top ten pick in this year’s draft?

After signing his massive extension, a trade would be tricky to say the least. The financial ramifications would be enormous because Dallas would need to pay Romo his entire remaining signing bonus ($20M remaining) up-front. But imagine for a moment the Cowboys could make this work. The Minnesota Vikings and their 8th overall pick in the draft would make a good trade partner. The major position they need is QB. Consider that Adrian Peterson has played with one good QB and together they went to the NFC championship game. AD’s clock is ticking and new Vikings coach Mike Zimmer wants to hit the ground running. It’s possible, right?

Romo would immediately turn the Vikings into a division contender and a threat in the playoffs. They are also building a new stadium so now is their chance to show their fans they are building a brand new team. Adrian Peterson is a threat to break the rushing record every season. They picked up Greg Jennings last offseason and drafted Cordarrelle Patterson, who looks like he could be a star.

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I’m not sure if they would trade the 8th pick for Tony Romo but wouldn’t you agree the thought it worth entertaining? The way the Dallas Cowboys are built doesn’t show promise to be a contender in the near future. They have done well in the last couple drafts fixing their offensive line. So now why not fix the defense and draft a young QB? I don’t see Johnny Manziel or Teddy Bridgewater making it to the 8th pick but if they do you would have almost no choice. Kyle Orton reworked his deal and stands to make over $4.3M this season.  He proved last season he could efficiently run this offseason although he didn’t have the best timing with the wide outs. This eventually lead to a late game and season-ending interception against the Philadelphia Eagles.

If this trade were to happen and Dallas could pick up a defensive end or defensive tackle with the 8th pick and still get a safety at 16, there would be no reason not to look into the 2nd round for your future QB. This is a deep draft at almost every position. I don’t see the top 5 QBs all getting selected in the 1st round. The best case scenario is to have one of them drop into their 2nd round.

With this move Jerry Jones can acquire young players that can make an immediate impact on the field and give you cap friendly contracts for the next four or five years while proving to the fan base he is trying to make this team the winners we know they can be. It all makes sense on paper but with Jerry Jones‘ history of keeping old players and mismanagement of the cap it’s hard to imagine Jerry Jones will make such a decision.

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