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A Season In Review: Miles Austin

The “A Season In Review” series continues today with Miles Austin. Since signing his huge contract extension, Austin has been basically awful for the Dallas Cowboys. Because of his subpar play over the past two seasons, it comes by no surprise that he is on the outs in Dallas. I fully expect Dallas to cut the oft-injured receiver.

In 2010, Austin was thriving with Tony Romo. But, he had numerous setbacks because of ongoing hamstring injuries. Many forget that Austin had a 200-yard game against the Kansas City Chiefs back in 2010. It looked as if Austin would be a contributor in Big D for the long run. But things took a turn for the worse after the Monmouth product signed a massive contract extension. Let’s take a look Austin’s stats in 2013:

(all stats courtesy of

  • 24 receptions
  • 244 receiving yards
  • 0 touchdowns (Yes, you read that right.. ZERO touchdowns!)

I will be honest… Austin looked like he would have a breakout season after week one’s matchup against the New York Giants. In that game, Austin caught 10 passes for 72 yards. In what has become an enigma, it is sad that Austin is a shell of his former self. Many Cowboy fans are still enamored by how good he was in his first few years in the league. But since, he has had little production.

It wasn’t surprising that Tony Romo and Austin were good friends early in their careers. Both are undrafted, and both have always played with a chip on their shoulders. They have a ton of similarities. I fully believe Austin had some more nagging injuries in 2013, but he continued to play through them anyway. Like Austin, Romo has always played with numerous injuries. In 2013, their relationship seem like it faltered.

Final Grade: F

Austin will most likely not be on the team in 2014. His cap hit in 2014 is just too much for the Cowboys, even with the new salary cap. Also, rookie Terrance Williams already surpassed Austin in the depth chart for next year. The writing is on the wall in Dallas, and it’s only a matter of time until Austin gets cut. He will most likely be designated as a June first cut meaning the Cowboys would be able to save even more money.

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