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Dallas Cowboys Free Agency: Is Darren Sproles An Option?

After being released on Friday, Darren Sproles will be a free agent. With the cut, the Saints saved $3.5 million to shed some cap space before free agency begins. This move surprised many, I couldn’t believe it myself. Sproles was a productive player for the past few seasons in the Saints’ offense as he was used in a variety of ways in the run and passing games. Sproles is one of the most quickest players in the league, and he is probably the best option out of the backfield in the entire NFL. With the ability to be a game-changer in the course of a few seconds, I think the Dallas Cowboys should take a look at Sproles. The Cowboys have limited cap space, and Sproles may command a lot of money for a veteran running back.

DeMarco Murray is a good player for Dallas when he is healthy. But, the need for a complementary running back is a need for Dallas. Lance Dunbar is a player that has a similar skillset to Sproles. Dunbar is small and he is extremely fast, but he too has shown the inability to stay healthy. The North Texas product showed a ton of potential on Thanksgiving against the Oakland Raiders. But, I don’t believe he has a long-term future with this team. After all, he has had two seasons to find his niche in Dallas and he hasn’t done that yet. Adding a player like Sproles could be monumental for Tony Romo and the rest of the offense.

With his constant back problems, Romo seemed to throw a lot of short-yardage passes in 2013. This is something that Cowboy fans should be concerned with, but it would be nice to know that these short passes would be going to Sproles. Also, Sproles would be a matchup nightmare for defenses. Having him on an offense with Jason Witten and Dez Bryant would give defenses headaches. Sproles simply stretches the field, and he makes the players around him better.

Signing Sproles will most likely not happen, but one can still dream. I honestly believe Jerry Jones should give Sproles’ agent a call. The Cowboys on offense over the past few years have been really stagnant. Signing Sproles would give them a proven player that can score at will. Romo could really give the Dallas a shot in the arm on offense. Dallas’ offense in 2014 will be much-improved with the acquisition of Sproles.

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