2014 NFL Mock Draft: Offensive Line Picks Surge, WRs Fall

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1. Houston Texans

Blake Bortles


Blake Bortles is a big strong prototypical QB worthy of the #1 spot. Clowney is extremely tempting to the Texans but O’Brian knows this team is only a signal caller away from contention and will be pushing hard for the top QB.

2. St. Louis Rams (from Washington)

Greg Robinson

OT, Auburn

It’s no mystery St Louis wants to trade back from here and grab an OT a few spots back. Since I don’t officially project draft trades I will assume St Louis stays put and picks the man they want anyway.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jadeveon Clowney

DE, South Carolina

Jacksonville is in a pretty ideal spot at #3. They are expecting either Manziel or Clowney to slip through the cracks and will be happy with either one. If someone trades with St Louis to pick at #2 you can bet it’s for one of those two. If Gus Bradley (Builder of the Seattle Defense) is given the choice he will be hard-pressed to pass on Clowney as his new LEO Rusher. The new QB target for the Jags would be Carr in the second.

4. Cleveland Browns

Teddy Bridgewater

QB, Louisville

The Browns need a QB in the worst way and rumors have been saying they value Bridgewater above Manziel. No matter what Cleveland needs a QB here. They cannot afford to trade down and take a long-shot. It’s Top-3 QB or Bust for the Browns.

5. Oakland Raiders

Johnny Manziel

QB, Texas A&M

Perfect situation for the Raiders. Manziel can replace Pryor on day one and instantly upgrade the Raiders team and ticket sales. Pryor was a great QB except for that whole “passing thing” and Manziel will be able to be that real multidimensional QB Oakland has been searching for.

6. Atlanta Falcons

Khalil Mack

DE/OLB, Buffalo

Tough call between Mack and Barr. There’s a good chance Barr’s draft stock surges in the near-future and overtakes Mack here but for now all signs point to Atlanta adding Mack as a pass-rusher at #6.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jake Matthews

OT, Texas A&M

The electrifying options will not tempt Tampa who know their needs and are happy to get one of the best OT’s in the draft as a cornerstone to their team.

8. Minnesota Vikings

Anthony Barr


Difficult spot for Minnesota to be in as they are sure to miss out on the top 3 QBs in the draft. Without the obvious choice at QB available, new coach Mike Zimmer will focus on the pass-rush.

9. Buffalo Bills

Sammy Watkins

WR, Clemson

Watkins falls farther than many expected and Buffalo is happy to add a top receiver to the team. Watkins may be the missing piece to the Bills offense and looks to contribute from day 1.

10. Detroit Lions

Justin Gilbert

CB, Oklahoma State

Detroit gets their man all along. They need a top-flight CB in the worst way and Gilbert stands out above the rest.

11. Tennessee Titans

Taylor Lewan

OT, Michigan

Tennessee needs help at OT and also on the DL generating a pass-rush. The safest pick is usually the best and Lewan is the choice at #11.

Nov 23, 2013; Tallahassee, FL, USA; Florida State Seminoles defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan (8) during a play in the first half against the Idaho Vandals at Doak Campbell Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

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  • Albert Smith

    Why are everyone saying that Jernigan is the Cowboys pick has it not been founded by the people in the know that he’s not a 3 but 1 and only a 1 technique DT.

    • Reid Hanson

      Sorry I missed your comment earlier – I hear what you are saying about Jernigan being a 1-tech. By looking at his physical stature I agree he is best suited for a 1 but after watching a couple games and his workout I feel he could be a game-changing 3 tech. He has quickness and power. He can take on extra blockers like a 1 or shoot a gap like a 3. He doesn’t fit the mold but I think he could possibly break the mold. He offers position versatility at both spots (and the Cowboys happen to need help at both spots) so even if it doesn’t work out at the 3 he could easily play the 1. I’m not exactly sure what other mock drafters are basing it on but that’s what I’m looking at. Thanks for your comment!

      • Albert Smith

        I understand what you’re saying about the skill level, but I’m just guessing that you are really, like most fans of the Dallas Cowboys Marinelli is probably the most important person in that equation. But if indeed that’s true why not Hageman, in a trade down scenario where we pick up a pick & get a chance to replace a Hatcher.

        • Reid Hanson

          I don’t officially project trades here but I did discuss the idea of just that. I don’t like Hageman at #16 but I’d be happy to move back, collect an extra 3rd, and get him. If Ealy, Hageman, Clinton-Dix are all available still, it might be a good move to go back. I predict another run on OTs this year and Dallas may be sitting at a critical spot.

          • Alex Darden

            Not to jump in this convo late guys but I’m rly curious as to what makes jernigan such a better prospect or higher graded player than hageman?? With one solid year as a starter… After watching tape on jernigan he seemed to always be the last man off the line of scrimmage and seemed like the type of player that greatly benefited from players around him funneling the ball to him. Now I understand Hageman is said to have motor issues but I haven’t seen anything negative on him other than that. 6’6/300+ and athletic. They say he can play end in some packages as well which with the release of Ware would seem like the preferable of the 2 versatile players.

          • Reid Hanson

            Hey Alex – no worries about jumping in late. The purpose of this all is to get discussion going and make educated conclusions. Again, I can’t speak for everyone but here is my take on what I did in this mock – Hageman is an exciting talent and someone Cowboy Nation has fully embraced. It seems everyone loves him. He has as high of a ceiling as anyone not named Clowney.
            But DTs are notorious for being lazy and subsequently becoming underachievers in the NFL. Bust rates are high for DTs (I’ll be doing articles about bust rates soon).I try to base DT rankings on ability and character (motor) fairly evenly. In this case, Albert pointed out that Jernigan is a born 1 technique tackle. He’s right. I’m the one making the leap casting him as a possible 3. But I think he can do it and actually be a guy that could do both, thus causing headaches for opposing offenses. Hageman could theoretically play DE but not as the blindside rusher. He would fit better in the old Spencer role rather than the Ware role. Everything I see about his personality (speculation on my part) says he is not disciplined enough for that. The true speed rusher just rushes most of the time. The Spencer side has other assignments most of the time. I only see Hageman as a 3 tech. Which is fine but it’s just not as realistically versatile.
            In Jernigan’s assignments he was usually asked to take on multiple blockers. He was to receive rather than give. When I watched him play I looked for what I though was his assignments on a given play. It’s speculation and I could have been wrong but I saw him play passively but effectively as a 1, taking on multiple blockers and still making tackles. I also saw him flip a switch and burst quickly at other times. I believe he was executing assignments rather than picking and choosing when to play. Hageman was always supposed to make plays so I always knew when he was coasting.
            It just seems riskier to me to pick Hageman than Jernigan. I would be thrilled to trade back, pick up a 3rd rounder (maybe safeties Ed Reynolds or Jimmie Ward) and get Hageman later in the first. I just don’t see it yet at #16. I haven’t watched every game so I suppose that stance could change but that’s where I’m at now.
            Fellas, this was a great conversation and one I think we should keep discussing it. I think I will make this an official article in the next few days and we can continue it and include others. Sound good?

          • Alex Darden

            Sounds great Reid! I always appreciate discussing the crazy possiblilties of the draft. Especially an uber-talented one such as this class. Funny you brought up Ward though… I must admit I like he and buchannon as far as value more than Dix and Pryor for us.
            But this is what I’m struggling with….
            We just spent a 3rd last yr on Wilcox (who I think with time, playing time, can be a playmaker) knowing that he only had 1 yr of safety experience against poor competition. Than we get demolished by the injury bug along the D-line to where we got absolutely no pressure on the qb. I guess what I’m saying is everybody talks about how great church played last yr, which I agree with, but as the strong safety he didn’t have as much to lose with the lack of a pass rush. Everybody was super high on Wilcox coming out of training camp and beginning of the yr until he got injured and than safety started being talked about as a big weakness. While I’m not saying its our stregnth on D, I would really like to see how Wilcox could develop with a heavy youth movement along our D-line thru this draft. Do you think its time to move on and spend another early pick on the back end already?

          • Reid Hanson

            I’m going to do a Dallas Cowboys Mailbag this weekend and I’ll go into greater detail but in nutshell here’s what I think – Wilcox has great ability but he is lost. He doesn’t understand assignments or react with confidence. That is why he lost his job to Jeff Heath. Heath is the complete opposite. Heath knew what to do he just didn’t have the ability. Church is a great player for the money. He finds a way to make plays and you like that. He’s best as a SS so the Cowboys need to search for a clear FS. Currently all they have are SS on the roster. Even Wilcox projects better as a SS. And I refuse to even speak about Matt Johnson. If the Cowboys invest in a safety this draft they must target a FS with zone coverage experience. No more hard hitters they think they can teach.

          • Alex Darden

            Have to agree with you there. Just hope we stop blowin picks on guys who tease a little bit but aren’t complete players.