Feb 2, 2014; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Jermaine Kearse (15) breaks a tackle by Denver Broncos middle linebacker Wesley Woodyard (52) and strong safety Duke Ihenacho (33) to score a touchdown in the third quarter in Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

BeWare The Dallas Cowboys Could Pull This Off

Oct 1, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; Chicago Bears defensive tackle Henry Melton (69) sacks Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) during the first quarter at Cowboys Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Now the 2014 Jerry Jones plan has been hatched. DeMarcus Ware was released, Miles Austin is designated to be released, Jason Hatcher is gone, Anthony Spencer is somewhere, but not here. So with all of the needs on the Cowboys’ defense, one has to wonder where to they go from here? Remember it isn’t just about productivity, but this team has lost some leadership.

So the defensive line is a mess, and when I say mess I mean put 100 kids in a Toys-R-Us with free reign to play with anything for a day and it still wouldn’t match the mess of this D-Line. The most accomplished lineman is George Selvie. The lineup makes me shutter just to think about it. Today’s additions of Jeremy Mincey and Terrell McClain do little to improve the situation either.

There are some better options the Dallas Cowboys have, although it may not be the biggest splash or make a lot of fans happy for a year or so, but there are options.

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We know the Dallas Cowboys are looking at Henry Melton at DT. This would fill a pretty big hole. With him the line would look like this: Crawford, Melton, Hayden, Selvie. Not exactly a scary front four, but hold up a second.
Jared Allen is available and has been pretty healthy. Signing him to a one or two year deal would give a little more to the line; Selvie, Melton, Hayden, Allen. Much better, but wait we aren’t done! If they draft correctly they could get let’s say Aaron Donald in the first. Now you are looking at; Selvie, Melton, Donald, Allen. The plot thickens as does the D-Line.

So the next spot on D the Cowboys are looking is OLB. It would allow Lee to play middle, and Carter to move to the opposite side if they findthe right guy. Enter, Wesley Woodyard. While injuries have been an issue, a Carter, Lee, Woodyard LB corps looks pretty darn good. If they miss on Woodyard there are some other options as the LB market is huge this year.

So say they get the fixes for the first two spots on D. That leaves the DBs. While I know they seem to love Wilcox and Johnson, did anyone at all watch Jeff Heath last season? Yup, why he still has a roster spot is beyond me. So how to the Cowboys fix this position? If we are talking FA, why has no one looked at Chris Clemmons? They guy is as underrated as you are going to find at safety and very steady. Now if money is hard to get for him, then maybe a guy like Thomas DeCloud. Miss in FA? Well how about 2nd round in the draft if they can get Clavin Pryor or Terrance Brooks. You are now looking at; Claiborne, Carr, Scandrick, Church, and Clemmons/DeCloud/Pryor/Brooks. Not too shabby.

Sure it would take a little bit of forward thinking, but this could fix some of the Cowboys’ problems on D. While there is still an issue at Guard and FB on the offensive side of the ball this opens up the draft to fill those holes. BeWare the Cowboys could pull this off, and if they do there would be some happy Cowboys’ fans. Now does anyone have the number to Jerry Jones? I have a phone call to make.


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  • SmartThinking

    Although no one else has been able to to date, unless Marineli can motivate Mincey, he’s just another problem child distraction this team has bought and paid for. Kinda like Terrell Owens. Jones signed Mincey on the Come hoping he’ll be better than advertised. That won’t be hard. Everything I’ve read says the guy’s lazy, has an attitude and can’t get his individual act together. Just what this team needed!!!

    • n0ble

      As a rotational guy I am not horribly opposed. Now attitude is a HUGE thing and if this is true then they need to keep an eye on him and get rid of him if he is that big of a problem. What I find hard is the leadership factor Ware had and where they plan to replace that. I do hope these guys today are rotational and not sold as magical upgrades at starter.

  • brian basile

    No way Pryor is there in second…I would get Pryor in first, Murphy in second, Cyril richardson in 3rd, Daniel Mcullers in 4th…Add melton and woodyard and we got something going….

    • n0ble

      Not bad, but, say Pryor goes before 16. I think he will be a low first, but let’s play the whatif game. Then you are looking at Dix if he is there, and/or a DE/DT. It leaves the Murphy pick in the wind a little. I would say go DE/DT first round and see what is there in 2nd if you can’t get a starting quality FA. This is a bad draft for S, so you may need to fill that first. What is interesting is the fact Jerry brought in these 2 guys today, we have no idea what role he is wanting them to fill. Most think it is depth, what if he expects them to start…it messes everyone’s theories up. All I was trying to post is how it could work, sure we could change a name here and there, but if they are smart and use the money right, a slight rebuild with stop-gaps with the ability to completely rebuild in a year or 2.

  • Joe Jehoich

    Lol we don’t have the money or cap space to get either Jared Allen or Melton … Let alone both. Pryor will not be there in the second and we’ll be lucky to get Donald if we stay at #16.

    • n0ble

      The only way we have cap space is to use is wisely. If you can get Allen later, Melton now, and buy on the cheap it is possible (remember we get more money June 1). Pryor may or may not be there, but if you get Brooks and Donald/Hageman then you are cooking with fire. Here is the thing, IF they are smart they have enough to get decent players and still draft well…not saying Jerry will do this, but it is possible.

      • Joe Jehoich

        The miles Austin/June 1 money is to sign the rookies that we draft unfortunately. Jared Allen would be nice but would want the same contract that Ware just got – or he’ll probably retire. I’d be happy with Donald but I think Pryor is a bigger need

        • n0ble

          Sure the money will be used for the rookies. But there still might be one or two more June 1 cuts to save some dough, depending on FA and the draft. As for Allen, he might want that money, he might retire, or he might play for a one year deal. I dunno and honestly really who does? So say Allen retires, then try to get Anotnio Smith (who is visiting the Redskins), Willie Young, or Jason Babin on a one year. It would def help. Point is get a one year guy who can rush and go into the draft looking for a S or DT in the first two rounds, then replace the DE next draft.

  • mp_mikie

    If donald is picked by Chicago then we could possibly trade back to Cincinnati or Carolina who needs a WR. Which would give us a mid 20s pick with an extra 2nd and or 3rd. We can get Hageman in the 1st. With a DE like Murphy, Ford, or Critchon In the 2nd and use the other 2nd pick on a safety or guard then 3rd round on which ever we didn’t get guard/safety.

    • n0ble

      I like it. I am curious how they are going to fill the OLB hole. I know they are looking at FA, but if they miss there it is something they may need to look at as well. But I would not be opposed to your scenario at all.

  • Scout33

    Dude, are you serious with the Heath comment? Your whole blog went to crap with that uneducated statement. Obviously the coaches like the kid and were willing to chance his mistakes. He was solid on special teams and will only improve. Why do you even have a blog? You sound like the haters on the message boards, just more ignorant.

    • n0ble

      Whether the coaches like him or not, what I watched last season was far from starting quality. Missing tackles, blown coverage, lost in space, poor ball reactions, bad reads, slow in run support. I could go on. Just because I look at a guy, watch him, watch replays of him, and then compare him to other safeties in the league HAS to mean I am just a hater on a guy. If they keep him for depth, fine, but he is not starting quality, and at this point replaceable, in my and others opinions.

      • Scout33

        As an UDFA with no expectations he did alright. Should he have started? No, not ready. But if you don’t mind I’ll trust the coaches and scouts I talk to about the kid. I don’t normally react. But you portray yourself as an expert. Have my doubts

        • n0ble

          I can respect if you trust coaches and scouts. There have been quite a few guys over the last few years they thought the same thing about in the same position that they whiffed on. Can he get there? I dunno, but as of today, based off of last season, I have serious doubts. Do I hope they prove me wrong? Yup. But to say that at this point you can’t find another guy who has the same skills and would be an upgrade is shortsighted in my opinion. This team has lacked safeties for a long long time, and while I have been known to be wrong (I didn’t think Selvie would be as strong as he was last year, I thought 2nd line at best). I look at Heath and think he is one of the more disposable players on this team.

  • voidhelix

    Aaron Donald is not a 1 technique DT, he`s a 3. And McClain starts over Hayden. Also, Allen would need to be given a three year deal. Longer term deals help you spread the signing bonus thinner, decreasing cap damage.