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The Dallas Cowboys and The Dreaded R Word

I have been reading it on the forums. I have been hearing it from the Dallas Cowboy fans. I have read it in articles. Many think the Dallas Cowboys are doing the dreaded R word… rebuilding. While it seems that Dallas has done little than add some depth in free agency, and Jerry Jones has refused to use the word, this team might just be rebuilding. Although it may not be the way many think, let’s call it retooling.

So far in free agency, the Cowboys have signed what many think is depth in Jeremy Mincey and Terrell McClain on the D-Line and now Brandon Weeden at quarterback. While these additions do not excite many people, there are still talks with Henry Melton and Jared Allen out there. The thought is that Dallas is in fact rebuilding or looking to build through the draft.

The problem with the later thought is that the Cowboys have a lot of holes to fill that one draft will most likely not touch. With Stephen Jones coming out and saying they can get a starting defensive tackle in this system in the later rounds, there is not much faith or happiness in the land of Cowboy fans. This all leads to more thoughts and talk of rebuilding. From the outside it really does appear that the Cowboys are doing just that.

In my last article, I talked about things Dallas could do to fill the holes on this defense quickly, and it looks like they are in fact making some of the moves that were brought up. If they can fill the needs at the defensive tackle position, the outside linebacker position, and the safety position in free agency or the draft, the rebuild won’t be as painful as many think.

There are thoughts out there among the fans that the safety is already on this roster. While I am not one of those people and think there needs to be a huge upgrade at that position, I will say that J.J Wilcox and Matt Johnson are developing and the staff knows more than most of us about these two. I am not sold on Jeff Heath. But apparently, the staff is still really high on him.

With the ages of Tony Romo and Jason Witten, the window is starting to shut. I do think the Jones family understands this and is trying to make moves to get this team into the playoffs and win in the next year or two. While the moves may not excite most fans, depth has been an issue for this team and adding veteran depth is not a bad idea. I still think the Cowboys need to be smart in the draft.

So there it is, the Cowboys are not rebuilding yet. Everyone needs to have a wait-and-see attitude on this team until free agency is over and the draft is completed. The faith in Jerry and staff isn’t very high, and that is their own fault. However, if they do this correctly, they could retool quickly and have enough to stay competitive while they restock. To say they are rebuilding is jumping the gun slightly, but it might not be too far off. The Cowboys are walking a fine line right now. One bad step or severe injury and they could be in full rebuild mode. This is the “fun” part everyone should be watching this off-season. Just don’t tell Jerry Jones if they do have to rebuild, he doesn’t believe in the word.

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