Nov 28, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams (83) catches a pass before the game against the Oakland Raiders on Thanksgiving at AT&T Stadium. Dallas beat Oakland 31-24. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys Draft: Expect The Unexpected

Oct 20, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Dallas Cowboys center Travis Frederick (72) looks to block during the second quarter against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The Cowboys defeated the Eagles 17-3. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Draft is always an exciting time of year.  Fresh blood is fused into every organization and it gives fans something to look forward to.  It also brings the end of Mock Drafts, which is equally pleasing.  Everybody believes that they know who should be taken where.  When it comes to the Cowboys, that is not the case.  They rarely, if ever, do what the popular opinion says they should do.  They seem to take a lot of heat for it, but I believe the criticism is unwarranted.

When the Cowboys traded up 2 years ago, I was certain that they were going to take Mark Barron, the Safety out of Alabama.  Nope.  They instead take Morris Claiborne, the Corner out of LSU.  The jury is still out on Claiborne, but he has nowhere to go but up.  Last year saw the Cowboys trade down in the first round.  With the 31st pick they grabbed Wisconsin Center, Travis Frederick.  A great move on their part,  Frederick will man the line for a decade.  The Cowboys also used their extra pick from the trade with the 49ers to grab Baylor WR Terrance Williams.

Everybody seems to think that, without a doubt, the Cowboys will go Dline or Safety in the first round this year.  Not so fast.  I could see Dallas going WR, Oline, or even Linebacker with their first round selection.  I most certainly could see them trading down as well, depending on what happens with certain picks ahead of them.  I think that there will be a record amount of trades this year and the Cowboys are never one to shy away from draft-day deals.  If they can acquire some extra picks while getting who they want, I am all for it.

People need to learn to trust the Draft, the Cowboys are not nearly as bad as the perception says they are.  It was quite shocking to see the backlash from the Frederick pick a year ago.  It filled a void that the team had for years and really solidified the Line.

The Cowboys need to avoid other experts draftboards and stick to their own, and for the most part they do.  This team really could use a difference-maker at every position, so they can go with the best player on their board.

The point here is that the Cowboys have a Draft day plan and more than likely there will be a surprise with their first round selection.  I have to tell myself every year to expect the unexpected, yet I am still usually surprised.

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