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How The Workouts Affect The Cowboys Draft

So today the Dallas Cowboys had the first workouts of the season. This is has quite an impact on the upcoming draft. While these workouts are voluntary, they provide a glimpse for the staff to see exactly what they have coming into this offseason before they head to the draft in a few weeks. There are a few things they will be looking at, which will help dictate how the Cowboys look at what they need and who to fill those needs with.

We all know about Tony Romo and his surgery. These workouts will allow the staff to see how his recovery is going and how mobile he is. While it is only conditioning and strength this week it will show what he can do in some ways. It will also show how any of the other Cowboys are recovering from the nicks and bumps they suffered last season and how they are recovering as well. The injuries and the recoveries will help the Cowboys work their draft board to fill holes that an injury may have taken, this includes Tony Romo.

Another thing to watch for in these workouts is how young players have progressed. The Cowboys have not really switched any of the staff out so the playbook should be similar to last season. These workouts give the staff time to talk to each player to see if they have been studying and where they stand in terms of progression in understanding the schemes. If someone like J.J. Wilcox has progressed more than they expected it could allow the Cowboys to not look at a safety early in the draft. The same things apply when it comes to some of the other players as well. It could adjust the draft board in ways that allow either more flexibility or less flexibility in BPA.

The last thing they will be looking at is the depth chart and what certain players need to do this offseason to progress. This is not just physical strength, but it also could mean taking a backup Tackle and making him a Guard which will free up some needs possibly. Maybe one of the backups shows up out of shape and instead of needing a Guard they realize they now need another TE. Hey it could happen.

So these workouts will certainly affect the draft in two weeks. I would keep an eye on how players are performing in this first phase of the offseason. While it may not be the exciting plays on the field it is probably the most impact on this team and where it goes from where it is. Don’t be surprised if we start hearing that the Dallas Cowboys are looking at positions many are not talking about. If this is the case someone has not progressed or has recovered from an injury the way they would like and it is forcing the staff and ownership to have to readjust. There is more impact on the draft than many think.

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