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Dallas Cowboys: Full 2014 Schedule Released

The NFL released each team’s schedule Wednesday night, and the Dallas Cowboys are looking at a another tough schedule. Regardless of the schedule, the Cowboys need to do better than 8-8. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry Jones cleans house if this team falls below .500. In my opinion, the key game of the schedule is  in week 17 when Dallas plays the Washington Redskins.

Here’s a look at the Cowboys schedule for next season:

Dallas Cowboys schedule


As a whole, the NFC East will play the NFC West and the AFC South. This is good and bad news because the NFC West is the NFL’s most competitive division, while the AFC South is perhaps the weakest division. The Cowboys will have to play playoff teams like the Eagles (twice), 49ers, Seahawks, and the Colts. Don’t forget that the Giants and the Redskins have improved drastically.

The best part about Dallas’ schedule in my opinion is when they play the Jaguars in London, and then travel back to Valley Ranch for their bye week. After the bye, the Cowboys will go on the road to play the Giants before returning home to host the Eagles on Thanksgiving. At that time of the year, we will know if the Cowboys are for real or not. Regardless, the Cowboys need to learn how to go on winning streaks. That has been a problem in Jason Garrett‘s tenure in Dallas.

With the NFL Draft coming up, there is reason for optimism for Dallas. They will have the opportunity to draft players who can become contributors right away. Aaron Donald and Anthony Barr are becoming the popular picks for the Cowboys, and both would be instant starters on this defense. Although they will have limited cap space for the next few years, Dallas has the skill players in place to make the playoffs. 2014 will be a make-or-break year for the Cowboys, and their future depends on the present.

What are your opinions of Dallas’ schedule in 2014? What do you think their record will be? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Old Frog

    Looks like a tough schedule to put together a series of wins. Another win one, lose one, win one, lose one season.

    • Ryan Ratty

      Couldn’t have said it better. Let’s hope Dallas inconsistency to stay consistent will change this year!

  • Alfredo Martinez

    Well 8-8… Here we go!

    • Ryan Ratty

      Let’s hope not. Could also be worse than 8-8.

    • Badger Fan

      NO…8-8 is a dream…The reality is probably 3 – 13 for the Cryboys.

  • Iwishaponthestar

    We play NFC West and AFC South…..not North. I agree the AFC South is week and we have to have at least a 3-1 record against them to have a chance this year with the way the rest of our schedule is

    • Badger Fan

      The way the rest of your schedule is, means you all are gonna get your asses kicked big time! LOL…

      • Ryan Ratty

        Thanks for reading/commenting.

    • Ryan Ratty

      Agreed. Made the change. Thanks for reading/commenting.

  • ctcowboy1968

    What’s with playing the Eagles two weeks apart? That’s f’d up. NFC West makes this a brutal schedule. Cowboys better feast on NFC East and AFC South or 2014 will be awful. Seems like the Cowboys have to play the Bears and Saints every year. Makes no sense.

    • Ryan Ratty

      Totally agree with you. Not a fan of playing the same team twice in three weeks. NFC West will be a tough. It’s nice we get to play the 49ers in the beginning of the season because they will probably be without Navorro Bowman and Aldon Smith. Regarding the Bears and Saints… it does make sense because they all finished second in their respective divisions.

  • Badger Fan

    Dallas is going 3 -13 this season. 0-6 in the NFL LEAST for sure. If Dallas is lucky they will win 3 games all year…including the preseason…LOL

    • Ryan Ratty

      That could very well happen. Anything can happen in the NFL. Thanks for reading/commenting.